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Today, it can be complicated to navigate in the field of higher education. What to do as a diploma? What will this lead me to? Will the job I want to do pay me well? Is this a clogged area? How much does the training I am aiming for cost?

These are all practical questions that the various players in higher education find it difficult to answer. At ESCE, we prefer to be transparent so that our students are as fully informed as possible about their future professional field . Indeed, how can we talk about business if we are not talking about money? How can we talk about training if we don’t talk about the program and prices? How can we talk about studies without talking about job opportunities?

We therefore invite you to browse through our various FAQs/Practical Guides. Do not hesitate to send us a message if you need more information or if you think of a guide who could accompany you on your journey!


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Updated 28 January 2022