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ESCE is one of the “Grandes Écoles” of Business in France!

Numerous accreditations and labels attest to the academic and professional qualities of our training programs.

ESCE IS EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) ACCREDITED:

  • ESCE has obtained a re-accreditation for 5 years in 2021 (the longest duration).


  • BSIS ( Business School Impact System),
  • Welcome to France issued by Campus France, recognizing the quality of reception of foreign students in France.


  • The Conference of Grandes Ecoles,
  • The UGEI (Union des Grandes Écoles Indépendantes),
  • AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).


Our Bachelors programs are certified by France Compétences. These certifications provide access to quality training that enables the acquisition of professional skills.

  • Professional certification “Manager in financial management and management control” level 6 (EU), codes (NSF) 313 and 314, delivered by MBA INSTITUTE, registered under the number 35534 RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) by decision of France Compétences of 19/04/2021 Find out about the training related to this certification:
  • Professional certification “Marketing and Customer Experience Manager” level 6 (EU), code (NSF) 312p, delivered by C3 INSTITUTE, registered under the number 35261 RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) by decision of France Compétences of 10/02/2021. Discover the training related to this certification:


The Grande École program has been awarding the Master’s degree without interruption since 2009. The highest level of distinction awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Master’s degree is the guarantee of a very high level of academic and professional skills.

Grande École Program Diploma is a degree aimed at Bac + 5, level 7 (EU), conferring the grade of master, delivered by ESCE, authorization to deliver a visa by order of 21-7-2022 published in the BO n°31 of August 25, 2022, diploma registered by right in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) under the number 36815

The objectives

The holder of the certification exercises management responsibilities in the context of the international development of companies or organizations within teams of various nationalities and sizes and in several languages. As a key player in the company, he ensures the company’s international growth and manages the company’s activities by integrating CSR and sustainable development issues. As a member of the management committee or general manager, he or she defines and implements the development strategy, manages a team of employees and leads international networks.


  • General Manager of a company
  • Business developer
  • Financial Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Area Manager
  • Management controller
  • Financial analyst
  • Auditor
  • Sourcing purchaser
  • CSR Consultant
  • Company creator
  • Business Engineer

The prerequisites to enter the Grande Ecole program

Entering the 1st year:

  • Holder of a level 4 certification
  • Admitted through the SESAME competition

Entry into the 3rd year:

  • Holder of a level 5 certification in the field of business and management
  • Admitted to the AMBITIONS+ competition

Entering the 4th year:

  • Holder of a level 6 certification in the field of business and management
  • Admitted to the AMBITIONS+ competition

Competence blocks

The professional certification allows the preparation of the following blocks of competences:

  • Facilitate digital uses and change management.
  • To bring its expertise to carry out diagnoses in an international context.
  • Communicate and convince to deliver exceptional results.
  • Leading complex transformation projects in an intra/entrepreneurial context.
  • Develop a strategic vision in an international context.
  • Manage the company’s performance & reporting in international business.
  • Implement analytical methods and tools to measure and control activity.
  • Implementing policies taking into account CSR, sustainable development and a quality approach.
  • Set up governance and manage teams, using diversity as a managerial approach.
  • Develop your leadership skills to support the development of your teams while respecting the ethics of diversity and inclusion.

Find all the targeted skills on the directory sheet:

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences. Each competency of a block must be validated to validate the block of competencies. Partial validation of a block is not possible.


ESCE delivers 4 MSc degrees, a degree at Bac + 5 level, accredited by the CGE

  • MSc International Business Development, registered under number 1319 with the CGE
  • MSc International Corporate Finance, registered under number 1320 with the CGE
  • MSc International Supply Chain Management & Purchasing, registered under number 1322 with the CGE
  • MSc International Marketing, registered under number 1321 with the CGE


This diploma is accessible through the Validation of Acquired Experience.

Validation of prior learning: recognition for your career

Recognized by the French Labor Code, this system allows for the recognition of one’s experience, whether professional, volunteer or union, through the validation of a professional certification registered with the RNCP, according to procedures other than those of an end-of-training exam.

Who is it for?

The validation of acquired experience is open to all persons, whether salaried (on fixed-term or permanent contracts, temporary workers, etc.) or non-salaried, job seekers, volunteers, and public officials, regardless of the diplomas/titles/certifications previously obtained or their level of qualification.

There is only one condition: to justify a professional experience (salaried or not, voluntary…) of 1 year in continuous or discontinuous, in connection with the contents of the aimed RNCP title.

Who finances it?

The VAE system is considered as a training action within the framework of professional training. As such, the costs related to the VAE (study of admissibility, support, validation session) can be paid for by your CPF, by your employer (through the OPCO), or by public financiers (Pôle Emploi, Regional Council…).

how does the vae system work?

The VAE procedure and support is carried out via our partner IFG (OMNES EDUCATION Group).

Phase 1: Information, orientation, advice

Contact by e-mail or telephone with the VAE advisor in order to discuss the project of validation of acquired knowledge, to orientate oneself on the possibilities of titles to be validated, to inform oneself on the VAE procedure and on the possibilities of financing.

Phase 2: Eligibility study

After confirming the choice, the VAE advisor sends the admissibility file. The study of admissibility allows us to determine if -a priori- the competences acquired by the candidate during his experiences could correspond to the competences attested by the targeted RNCP title. This file must be returned completed and accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. It is studied by the VAE referent and the person in charge of teaching the title in question. The admissibility is notified within 2 months following the reception of the complete admissibility file.

Phase 3: Assistance in writing the booklet 2

In case of positive admissibility, the writing of the Booklet 2 can begin. It describes and analyzes the skills and knowledge acquired in the candidate’s professional and/or personal career, in relation to the skills repository of the qualification concerned. It will also be necessary to provide evidence of these achievements. An accompaniment can be proposed. It consists of individual and/or group meetings, intended to better understand the skills reference framework, to make a reflexive return on the professional and/or personal course in connection with this reference framework in order to bring the most relevant elements to this booklet.

Phase 4: Jury review

Once the booklet 2 has been written and submitted, a VAE jury is organized. Its composition, which is in accordance with that indicated on the RNCP sheet for the title in question, includes professionals. The oral examination is an extension of the written file. It aims to discuss and argue about the candidate’s experiences and to evaluate the competences in relation to the target reference system.

After deliberation of the jury, several cases are possible:

– Validation of all the skills required to obtain the title: obtaining a parchment certifying the obtaining of the title,

– Partial validation of the certification, i.e. obtaining certain blocks of skills that make up the title: delivery of a certificate of the components acquired. The jury proposes means and/or modalities to obtain all the missing components of the certification. – Non-validation, the jury informs the candidate in writing and explains the reasons for this decision.


For more information and to know our VAE rates, please contact our expert consultants:

– Île-de-France, Centre, North & North-East regions: 01 40 59 30 46


– South-West, South-East & Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions: 04 79 25 38 31


What is a professional certification?

“A professional certification registered with the RNCP allows for a validation of the skills and knowledge acquired necessary for the exercise of professional activities.” (Law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future).

A professional title guarantees a certification of skills and abilities to practice a trade or an activity related to a professional field. It is issued on behalf of the State through the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration.

More information: https: //www.francecompetences.fr/

What is a targeted and/or graded degree?

The Ministry of Higher Education grants authorization to award a recognized diploma or degree conferring a master’s degree to institutions recognized by the State, following an evaluation procedure for the training in question conducted, in the case of business schools, by the Commission for the Evaluation of Management Training and Diplomas (CEFDG). This authorization is granted in exchange for increased and continuous pedagogical control of the training, and thus attests to the State’s commitment to its quality. More information: https: //www.cefdg.fr/

The Labels of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)

The MSc – Master of Science label of the Conférence des grandes écoles is awarded to a program that delivers a diploma at the Bac+5 level. At least 50% of the training is given in a foreign language and provides a high level of specialized professional education.

Updated 16 May 2023