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foreign university exchanges

front new cultures, to discover a new pedagogy, to practice foreign languages, this is what exchanges in foreign universities allow. Throughout your Grande Ecole course at ESCE, you have the option of studying abroad at one of our academic partners or campuses abroad.

Studying abroad: multiple options are available to you!

Opening up internationally is an opportunity and a requirement for each of our students. Companies are looking for profiles that are intercultural and open to the world.
Departures abroad are planned in the 2nd and 4th years, but other opportunities are offered throughout the course: for example, we offer to go from the 1st year as part of the Summer Schools through 8 Tracks to choose from in the world.

190 academic PARTNERs

ESCE now offers 190 academic partners and 19 double degrees!

Privileged and personalized support for going abroad

The ESCE International Service advises students on their departures abroad .
Meetings are regularly organized to clarify the choice of students, inform them and support them.
The international service also provides answers to questions as :

  • The search for accommodation is at the heart of the concerns of students who have to go abroad for a semester or a year.
    The campuses offer, in many cases, accommodation. If this is not the case, the service provides lists of accommodation (individual, roommate, university residences).
  • The VISA : For some countries that require VISA procedures, the ESCE provides real support in the constitution and follow-up of the file.
  • During their stay , it is not uncommon for students to call on the international team for questions of a pedagogical, administrative or logistical nature.

They also benefit from the experience of students who have already gone abroad.
A real community is being created and allows new students to interact with those who have already left: a wealth of information and tips !

CE, holder of the Erasmus Charter, offers its students the possibility of going on a study semester in Europe as part of the Erasmus + program.

The Erasmus + scholarship for our students

Students going on a university exchange in a European establishment, holder of the ERASMUS charter, have the possibility of obtaining a scholarship according to the criteria established by the European Commission.

Since 2014, 100% of exchange students in an eligible University have benefited from the ERASMUS + scholarship, without any income condition. For 3 consecutive years, students have obtained the maximum amount of the scholarship.

The Erasmus+ grant for special situations

Students with disabilities benefit from personalized support and have the possibility of applying for an additional grant:

They had a unforgettable experience abroad

Updated 30 June 2023