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Master Corporate Finance – Grande Ecole program

This specialization provides a theoretical and practical understanding of financial decisions for individuals and businesses. Graduates of this master’s degree are prepared to occupy key positions in the field of corporate finance. Indeed, they can help optimize the financial value and overall performance of companies.

The institutions that hire are mainly banks, insurance companies, financial departments of large or small companies, and consulting companies.

  • Rhythm: Classical
  • CAMPUS :Paris
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
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Presentation of the program: MASTER Corporate Finance
International campuses London
International campuses London

Presentation of the program: MASTER Corporate Finance

This specialization aims to train students in advanced aspects of financial management such as:

  • Investment evaluation
  • Risk management
  • Capital structure
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic decision making in corporate finance

Master Corporate Finance : the advantages of the specialization

The courses : MASTER Corporate Finance

the courses

  • Advanced Corporate Finance,
  • Financial Institutions​
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Methodology for Corporate Finance​
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Controlling, Governance, and CSR
  • Business Analytics
  • Master thesis methodology guidance
Skills : MASTER Corporate Finance


  • Developing a financial strategy for a business
  • Capital structuring
  • Develop a distribution policy
  • Understanding short-term financing
  • Understanding the operational impact of a merger and acquisition transaction
  • Evaluate investment possibilities using real options
  • Analyze and understand the cost of financial assets for a company (bonds, stocks and derivative financial products)
  • Understand how a bank works, the effects of monetary policy on the financial system
  • Identify the weaknesses of banks and the risks for the financial system ​
Opportunities MASTER Corporate Finance

Opportunities And Missions in business

CFO Assistant

Assist the Chief Financial Officer in the overall management of the company’s financial activities.

  • This may include financial planning, risk management, overseeing finance teams and contributing to financial strategy

Account manager

Manage relationships with the company’s customers

  • This involves understanding customer needs, ensuring customer satisfaction, developing new business opportunities and maximizing the value of customer accounts.

Financial analyst

Analyze company financial data to provide useful information for decision-making.

  • This may include preparing financial reports, evaluating past and current performance, financial modeling and recommending improvement strategies.

Corporate treasurer

Manage the company’s treasury activities.

  • This includes managing liquidity, making decisions on short-term investments, managing foreign exchange risks and ensuring the business has the funds needed to meet its obligations.

Financial communication

Manage the company’s financial communications.

  • This position involves communicating with shareholders, financial analysts, media and other stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of the company’s financial performance

Mergers and acquisitions analyst

Evaluate and analyze merger and acquisition opportunities for the company.

  • This includes analyzing target companies, financial modeling, preparing presentations and participating in negotiating deal terms.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Be the senior manager in charge of all financial activities of the company.

  • The CFO plays a major role in the company. He must carry out a wide variety of missions such as: strategic planning, risk management, supervision of financial teams, communication with stakeholders and making crucial financial decisions for the company.

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

My choice of Master’s degree correlates perfectly with my career plans.
The subjects offered in 4th year give us a comprehensive view of corporate finance, the structure of financial markets, the workings of banks and the world of finance in general.

Aicha Kangou ndiaye

Étudiante en 4ème année

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