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Master International Business
Grande Ecole Program, Master's level
After a 3-year's degree
Paris / Lyon
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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT specialization – Grande école program

It is important to know that the Business Developer is at the same time a coach, a consultant, a project manager and a salesperson. With this specialization, students will have the opportunity to support the development of the turnover and profitability of a company.

  • Rhythm: Classical (4th/5th year) or apprenticeship (5th year) ( exemption from school fees for apprenticeship)
  • CAMPUS : Paris ou Lyon
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
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International campuses London
International campuses London


This specialisation is based around 6 main objectives:

  • Have a strategic vision of export development: analyze the market, identify risks, define the methods to adopt.
  • Protect the company in all its aspects: legal, logistical and contractual.
  • Ensure economic balance through financing, insurance and monitoring of budgets and forecasts.
  • Establish marketing and business development plans and manage a sales network
  • Develop an export service, organize relationships and information systems between companies and within multinational organizations
  • Lead projects, collaborate and negotiate in an intercultural environment

Master in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: the benefits of specialisation

the courses

  • Global and international market analysis.
  • Business development strategy
  • Int. Sales and digital marketing
  • Strategic supply chain
  • Logistics design, geopolitics and sustainability
  • Advanced data management and analysis for international development and the supply chain.
  • Inter-organizational Management & International Contract Law
  • Strategic value chains, resilience and sustainable practices: outsourcing, offshoring and relocation.
  • Financial Management, Audit & Control
  • Intercultural management and international negotiation


  • Make international strategic decisions
  • Analyze and select a foreign market
  • Identify and quantify international risks
  • Select the best entry mode and design a marketing strategy
  • Create and develop a commercial subsidiary abroad
  • Managing a sustainable international value and supply chain
  • Deal with distributors, agents, head office and key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Guarantee the financial viability of the international strategy
  • Control and audit the international group
  • Lead international projects, collaborate and negotiate in an intercultural environment

Opportunities And Missions in business

Country / area manager

Manage all operations in a specific country or region.

  • This includes supervising teams, strategic planning, resource management and achieving the objectives set for this area.

International Sales Manager

Manage international sales activities.

  • This includes defining sales strategies, developing relationships with international customers, supervising sales teams and achieving global sales targets.

International Marketing Manager

Design and implement marketing strategies on a global scale

  • This includes developing advertising campaigns, brand management, international market research and adapting marketing strategies to different cultures.

Product / service manager

Managing the life cycle of a product or service.

  • This includes development, launch, promotion, pricing, and ongoing management to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction.

International digital marketer

Implementing digital marketing strategies on an international scale.

  • This includes using digital channels such as social media, online advertising, SEO and other tools to reach international audiences

International Business Development Manager

Identify and develop new international business opportunities

  • This may include seeking partnerships, exploring new markets and creating strategic relationships to drive business growth globally.

International Business Advisor

Providing strategic advice to companies operating internationally.

  • This may include advice on expansion strategy, international risk management, and optimization of global operations.

Business Analyst

Analyse a company’s operations and processes to identify potential improvements.

  • This often involves collecting and analyzing data, recommending solutions, and implementing organizational changes.

The possibility of a double degree

The Msc Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain focuses on sustainability and digitalization of the supply chain, while the Master International Business Development focuses on international business development.

This double degree offers a unique strategic vision, integrating the international, sustainable and digital dimensions of commerce.

The program aims to develop professionals who can effectively navigate the complex world of global business. Students acquire versatile skills that are highly sought after on the job market.

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This specialisation is made up of around ten subjects, with, as always at ESCE, teachers who work in large companies or SMEs sharing their professional experience with us.
Debates, interaction and lots of group work make up the specialisation.

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