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ESCE international Business School

L’ESCE, École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur, is the leading international business school founded in 1968 by the French Foreign Trade Council, (Centre Français du Commerce Extérieur) which has since become Business France.

Today, the school provides its students with a multidisciplinary education that transforms them into experts in international roles, with unparalled employability in a job market open to the world and in a constantly changing environment. Initially based in Paris, the school has also been established in Lyon since 1999.

ESCE has developed a real proximity with all types of organizations (large international groups, ETIs, SMEs, start-ups), and strong links with international networks and institutions.

Our mission is to train students in international development, with respect for ethics, diversity and cultures, preparing them to successfully integrate as contributing members of a globalised economy.

Christophe Boisseau

General Director

Our unique approach:

Permettre aux fEnabling future graduates to be ideally prepared for a successful international career

An innovative pedagogy

  • Focused on the market economy but also on social, environmental and social responsability
  • Teaching methods at the cutting edge of technology and innovation

A multicultural approach

Nearly 70 different nationalities on our campuses, intensive foreign language instruction and international internships and exchanges.

A multiplicity of specific career paths

Each student can define his or her own project and prepare for an international career.al.

The development of the individual
at the heart of ESCE’s strategy

Since 2019, the school has deployed a system of evaluation of all skills (technical, behavioral and linguistic) to help students integrate the strengths on which they can build, the points to be improve and thus distinguish themselves in their transition into the job market.

This work takes the form of a “Skills Passport” made availaible to students at the end of their studies, which brings together all the skills acquired by student throughout their studies and which is inspired by the skills assessments carried out by businesses over the past several years. This pragmatic and innovative medium is a real tool for legitimizing skills, both for graduates and for companies that recruit with a certified document.

Embracing digital transformation

The implementation of an innovative pedagogy enables the enrichment of exchanges with students in a qualitative manner, which responds to a desire for autonomy, flexibility and diversity in teaching methods.

In addition to courses integrating a digital and technological approach,
the school offers online and hybrid programs
that allow each student to develop his or her own point of view on the world by awakening curiosity, in order to go further in his or her reflection.
These programs are validated like the other courses by ECTS credits.

After “Les rendez-vous de la Géopolitique”, the “Forum des Humanités” and the “Doing Business In”, ESCE has just launched “Libres Échanges”, the podcast of international business actors


The notoriety of ESCE is based on its recognized expertise in International Management resulting from a sharp and renowned research, its real proximity with all forms of companies (large international groups as start-ups) and partnerships signed with the networks international benchmarks.  

  • Co-founder with BUSINESS FRANCE and COFACE of FORMATEX (Permanent and continuous professional training in International Trade), Membre de la Commission Internationale de la CGPME,
  • Member of MEDEF Paris,
  • Partner of the National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of France (CNCCEF),
  • Partner of the “Learn Montessori” organization to develop a different pedagogy within its programs. It’s here


Updated 25 July 2023