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Double degrees: What are they?

This means that they can obtain two different degrees simultaneously by following two complementary study programs, in related or distinct fields. They will receive official recognition for each diploma at the end of their educational journey.

The main objective of double degrees is to either provide students with multidisciplinary training, thereby broadening their skills and knowledge in varied fields, or to deepen their knowledge in a specific field while benefiting from a long international immersion , with most of the time teaching in another language.

At ESCE, double degrees are offered during the Master’s cycle of the Grande École Program.


Prepare for global careers with comprehensive training at ESCE and a partner school

La diversification des Compétences

Earning dual degrees offers students the opportunity to explore two complementary fields, broadening their skills and knowledge.

  • The ability to combine skills from two distinct disciplines is a major asset in a constantly evolving professional environment. Additionally, skills diversification also strengthens individuals’ ability to adapt to rapidly changing industries, thereby contributing to a more sustainable career.

Optimisation de l’Employabilité

Double degrees significantly increase the employability of graduates by broadening their field of expertise.

  • They are better positioned to pursue diverse career opportunities because they can meet a broader range of employer needs. Therefore, the versatility acquired through dual degrees is a significant asset in a competitive job market. The demand for versatile profiles is constantly increasing. Graduates can thus stand out as candidates capable of making a significant contribution to demanding positions. These benefit from in-depth understanding in multiple areas.
  • Their ability to successfully complete a demanding academic program, while earning two degrees, demonstrates a high level of motivation and perseverance. Employers see them as candidates capable of adapting quickly to new challenges. They are also able to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams. It should also be noted that these graduates bring real added value to the company thanks to their versatility.

Réduction de la durée des études

A practical advantage of dual degrees is the ability to complete two separate academic programs in less time.

  • This allows students to enter the job market more quickly, while maintaining the quality of their studies. Reducing study time can also result in financial savings, as it limits the length of time students must finance their higher education.
Updated 7 March 2024