MSc in International Business Development

3rd year undergraduate, 1st year postgraduate
Fall ; Spring
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Msc iN International business development

The world is changing considerably due to endogenous and exogenous shocks with strong effects on enterprises and their management. It always does. Nothing stands still.

At the ESCE, we recognize we live in challenging times, facing pressures of rapid technological innovations, increasing globalization as well as regionalization, dwindling natural resources, and the need to generate economic growth, which delivers greater well-being for society. This likely reshaping of the international expansion of enterprises is driven by both managerial and political factors. To deal with those changes, managers have to be flexible and adaptive, they need to broaden their horizons and develop new skills with the aim to anticipate and better meet the challenges of this rapidly changing business environment.​

At the ESCE, we tackle the challenges international business faces through analytical, sharp analysis and thought-leadership. It is part of the ESCE DNA.

The goal of the MSc is to respond to the expectations of enterprises by allowing the acquisition of solid knowledge and skills required to occupy decision-making roles and to succeed as an international manager. ​

What are the key points of the MSc IN International Business Development?


CHALLENGE: “LES JEUNES TALENTS DE L’EXPORT” The convention ESCE – La fabrique de l’exportation​


What are the courses of the MSc IN international business development?

  • International Market Selection & the export challenge​
  • Export Modes​
  • International contract law & Geopolitics​
  • Cross-border logistics and sustainability​
  • International digital Sales and Marketing​
  • Interorganizational Management​
  • International
  • International value chain management in MNCs​
  • Financial Management & Budgeting​
  • Intercultural management​
  • International negotiation in business​
  • E-commerce for export​

MSc in 2 years

MSc program in 2 years, after a 3rd year of license (Bac+3) or equivalent (180 ECTS)


MSc Fast Track program, after a first year of higher studies (Bac+4) or equivalent (240 ECTS)

What are the TARGETED skills of the MSc IN international business development ?

At the end of the studies the student will be able to:​

  • Critical awareness of discipline-based concepts and approaches to understand the complexity of managing an organization in the global business arena​
  • Understanding of how acquired theoretical knowledge can be applied in practical international business situations​
  • Be able to set up and develop an export department, and deal with distributors and the main internal and external stakeholders​
  • Ability to acquire and analyze data and information, to evaluate their relevance and validity, and to synthesize a range of information sources needed to develop a sophisticated understanding of a rapidly changing international business context​
  • Skills in interdisciplinary analysis, drawing upon different empirical sources, analytical perspectives and sub-disciplines within management studies​
  • Ability to lead international projects, collaborate and negotiate in an intercultural environment​
  • Be able to communicate effectively and convincingly, working in teams, managing time and planning work assignments.​

What are the career opportunities of the msc IN international business development ?

Students graduating from this Master of Science typically pursue careers with an international outlook in any industry at:

  • Large Multinational corporations, in a variety of departments and in different roles that require knowledge about cross-border management and international functional strategies such as global sourcing, international marketing, strategy and finance​
  • Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), to help the SME to penetrate foreign markets and implement international strategy​
  • Start-ups, to help them to be scalable and international from their inception​
  • Consulting enterprises, in particular for tasks involved in cross-border consulting projects​
  • Research centers and educational institutions, making significant contribution due to the systematic and interfunctional knowledge of how firms operate​
  • Governmental agencies, like Business France   ​
Asian woman living with disability talking to colleague at startup job, suffering from chronic health condition in office. Businesswomen doing project teamwork, wheelchair user with impairment.

To apply

  • STEP 1 : Make an appointment with the admissions department once your application is complete
  • STEP 2 : Individual motivational interview in person or by distance learning with the Head of Program.
Updated 19 April 2024