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3rd year undergraduate, 1st year postgraduate
Fall ; Spring
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ESCE Msc IN International marketing: Equipping Future Global Marketers!​

In today’s ever-evolving global economy, the need for skilled professionals in international marketing is crucial as companies strive to expand their reach and capture new markets.

The ESCE MSc in International Marketing is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this exciting and dynamic field. With a curriculum that seamlessly blends theory and practice, our program provides a comprehensive education for those looking to pursue a career in international marketing. The curriculum focuses on the latest technological advancements in digital marketing and phygital commerce, equipping you with the skills to adapt to the changing needs of the global marketplace.​

If you’re interested in becoming a successful international marketing professional, the ESCE MSc in International Marketing is the ideal choice for you!

What are the key points of the MSc IN International marketing?

This MSc program offers a variety of unique opportunities that set it apart from other programs. All of these programs enable students to gain practical experience and receive feedback from industry professionals, enhancing their marketing skills for their future careers.

Marketing Innovation Awards​


Incub’Program : Young Export Talents


What are the courses of the MSc IN International marketing ?

  • CRM (customer relationship management)​
  • Integrated marketing communication​
  • Strategic brand management in the age of sustainability​
  • Digital marketing​
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Innovation 5.0​
  • Marketing Capstone for Sustainable Business  ​
  • Marketing for a Sustainable 21st Century​
  • Growth Hacking for marketers​
  • New Technologies​
  • Social Media Algorithms

MSc in 2 years

MSc program in 2 years, after a 3rd year of license (Bac+3) or equivalent (180 ECTS)

MSC In International Marketing - program 2 year


MSc Fast Track program, after a first year of higher studies (Bac+4) or equivalent (240 ECTS)

MSC In International Marketing - fast track program
MSc in International Marketing

What are the TARGETED skillS OF the MSC IN International marketing ?

At the end of the studies the student will be able to:​

  • Gain a deep understanding and command of the complex specialised area of international marketing​
  • Master new forms of marketing linked to digital technologies in a dynamic international business environment​
  • Learn the fundamentals of Customer eXperience (CX) to design, build and implement high-quality strategies to create unbreakable bonds with global customers​
  • Specialise in smart retailing and omnichannel distribution in a globalising world ​
  • Provide readily implementable business decisions to hands-on issues and real-life business cases​
  • Develop skills for change, decision-making, adaptation and sustainability in a dynamic international business environment

What are the career opportunities of the msc IN International marketing?

Overall, the ESCE MSc in International Marketing program equips graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a variety of organizations operating in a global business environment and seeking expertise in international marketing.

Graduates of the ESCE MSc in International Marketing can expect to work in a wide range of sectors and types of companies !​

Including :​

  • International corporations in industries such as consumer goods, luxury goods, retail, hospitality, and tourism​
  • E-commerce and digital marketing companies​
  • Export/import firms​
  • International consulting firms​
  • Government and non-governmental organizations involved in international trade and development


  • Product manager
  • Brand manager
  • Digital marketing manager
MSC In International Marketing

To apply

  • STEP 1 : Make an appointment with the admissions department once your application is complete
  • STEP 2 : Individual motivational interview in person or by distance learning with the Head of Program.
Updated 19 April 2024