Internships with an international dimension

By vocation, ESCE favors internships abroad .

All internships must have an international dimension, even those carried out in France.
It is essential to understand and grasp the different practices, ways of thinking and organizations in different countries.

These courses are also an excellent way to improve your language skills and acquire very specific vocabulary.

Whether as part of the Grande École Program or the International Bachelor’s program, internships are very important for students and the development of their career plans .

These experiences allow us to put into practice all the knowledge we’ve acquired in class and to develop our skills, with a single goal in mind: to help our students find the job and sector of their dreams at the end of their course!

Internships Grande Ecole Program:

  • 1st year:first approach to the business world Immersion internship lasting 2 to 3 months.
  • 3rd year:identify your future profession (marketing, logistics, finance, etc.). 6-month pre-specialization internship.
  • 5th year: practice of future profession with possible pre-employment (direct employment or VIE). 6-month internship starting in January.

Optional internships are also scheduled in 4th year, enabling our students to deepen their knowledge of the business world.

A total of 20 months’ work experience is possible over the course of the program.

Internships International Bachelor Program:

  • 1st year: 3-month discovery internship.
  • 2nd year: 3-month internship.
  • 3rd year: 6-month end-of-studies internship.

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These work-study programs enable students to combine the acquisition of academic knowledge with professional experience: a path that favors professional integration .

  • Exemption from tuition fees
  • Salary compensation (the apprentices are employees of the host company)

Grande École program :

Apprenticeships available from 3rd year (1, 2 or 3-year contracts)

Specializations open to apprentices in the Master’s cycle :

  • Business Engineering & Sales Development
  • Purchasing
  • Controlling / Finance
  • International business development
  • International Consumer Marketing

Work-study schedule: 1 week in class – 2 to 3 weeks on the job .

International Bachelor Program :

Specializations available for apprenticeship in the 3rd year:

  • Business Development and Digital Marketing
  • International Trade & Customs Management

Work-study schedule: 1 week in class – 3 weeks on the job.

Find out more about theInternational Business Work-Study Program

student support

Tools and meetings to facilitate your search

Students can access the “Alumni” platform for advice, internships, apprenticeships, VIEs and jobs offered directly by former graduates.

Many events are planned, such as forums and business conferences.


Pour tous les Étudiants

  • MEET UP SESSIONS (online career conferences twice a month) for all students and alumni.
  • START ME UP: Start-Up forum.
  • ITW TRAINING: Simulated interviews with recruitment professionals.

Pour les étudiants de 1ère année (Programme Grande École et Bachelor) :

  • THE STAGE IS YOURS: PRESENTATION OF INTERNSHIPS TO 1st YEAR STUDENTS:feedback from2nd and3rd year students on their internships, LinkedIn network training, company presentations and recruitment testimonials.
  • ADOPT AN INTERNSHIP: COMPANY FORUM FOR 1st YEAR INTERNSHIPS –25 companies come to recruit students directly for summer internships.
  • ADOPTE TON PITCH: ELEVATOR PITCH COMPETITION – organized just before the “adopte un stage” forum, this competition helps first-year students optimize their pitch for the internship search.

Pour les étudiants de 3ème année (Programme Grande École et Bachelor) :

  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DAYS: Online – in collaboration with the University of Monaco and Créa Genève, these days are dedicated to international employment, with speakers from 5 continents.
  • SWIPE YOUR SPÉ: PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS – professionals come and talk to students in the Grande Ecole program about their jobs, their career paths, their development and their passions. The aim is to give each student an idea of which specialization he or she would like to pursue.

Pour les apprentis de 3ème (PGE et Bachelor) et 4ème année (Programme Grande École – Cursus Apprentissage) :

  • EMPLOYMENT & APPRENTICESHIP FORUM – dedicated to companies recruiting apprentices,
  • CAREERS MORNING: ESCE welcomes apprentice masters and their apprentices to present the programs and campus, meet the teaching staff and strengthen the links between companies and the school.

Pour les étudiants de 5ème année (Programme Grande École) :

  • VIP RECRUITERS DAY: INTERNSHIP FORUM FOR 5th YEAR STUDENTS –a forum focused on pre-hiring internships: some 50 companies come to campus to meet and hire graduating students.
  • FINAL WORKSHOPS: WORKSHOPS TO STRENGTHEN STUDENT EMPLOYABILITY DURING THE END OF THE STUDY WORKSHOP , covering employment contracts, salary negotiation, benefits, recruiting sectors, recruitment agencies, working hours, etc…

Pour les Alumni : Un forum recrutement dédié à l’insertion professionnelle


As soon as you graduate, we continue to support you in your professional integration:

The Alumni platform allows you to post job offers and access a directory of recruitment agencies in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.

Whatever your questions, the Career Center team is at your disposal and supports you in your professional search.

Numerous appointments enable our students to find the job of their choice even before they graduate:

  • Final Workshops: workshops to enhance students’ employability during their final-year internship/apprenticeship,
  • Company forums,
  • Visits to BtoB and BtoC trade shows and corporate events,
  • A CV BOOK for young graduates looking for work, sent to our partner companies.



Besoin d’aide pour trouver un stage, gestion des conventions de stage, suivi de stage…

Pour Paris, contactez : 01 81 51 15 15 /

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Vous recherchez un alternant ou un stagiaire ?

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Vous avez une question sur le contrat de votre alternant ?

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Vous souhaitez participer à un évènement ?

Job Dating, Career Round Tables, Dedicated Forums, Conferences, Case Studies, Examination Boards…

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choosing esce means joining the large family of international managers.

Our alumni are building and considering international careers as an essential factor in their career path. Today, 13,000 of them have made this choice, and 40% are working abroad!

The ESCE Alumni Association builds and coordinates a network of 14,000 alumni in 80 countries .

Its mission is to :

  • support alumni in their professional careers,
  • bring them together around common interests,
  • keep them informed about the life of the network,
  • to raise ESCE’s profile in France and abroad.

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