What are the salaries in international trade?

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Does international trade pay well?

There are different levels of specialization in the field of international trade. Salaries therefore vary according to the level of education, as well as experience in the field. One thing is certain, enrolling in a business school promises an interesting salary in the long term, in several sectors of activity.

At the beginning of a career, international trade does not necessarily pay more than other trade jobs, and requires more skills. However, the numerous prospects for development promise a significant salary increase, up to very high salaries for the most experienced.

The salary range is therefore very wide, from 2,500 euros gross per month for a beginner, to 7,000 euros gross per month for an experienced network manager.

What are the average salaries in the international trade sector?

The average salary in the international trade sector in France is approximately 27,000 euros gross per year, or 13.85 euros per hour for a beginner.

In addition, we can add performance bonuses. This salary ranges from 22800 euros gross for beginners to 57000 euros gross for the most experienced.

Everything you need to know about the import/export salesperson job

What does the job of an import/export salesman consist of?

A multitude of large companies, but also SMEs, call upon the skills of an import/export salesman. Its role is multiple and its tasks numerous:

  • To promote the development of the company through its sales,
  • Logistics management of import and export flows.
  • Conducting market research
  • Analyze the various needs of the company and negotiate contracts.
  • Ensure the coordination of his team, as well as the supervision of the other branches of the company (Distribution, transport, Marketing, purchases…).

The import/export salesman must have a great sense of autonomy. He must be strategic and diplomatic. A great legal knowledge will be required, as well as a perfect command of several foreign languages.

Import salesman / export salesman : what is the salary of a junior ?

The salary evolves throughout the career and experience. At the beginning of the career, a Junior Salesman can aim for a gross salary of about 2500 euros per month. The net hourly rate will be between 17 and 21 euros. It will be possible to increase one’s income thanks to bonuses based on objectives, set by the employer.

Import salesman / export salesman: what is the salary of a confirmed / senior?

The prospects for development are great. After several years of seniority, experience in sales allows you to reach more profitable managerial positions. Thus, the median salary of a senior salesperson is around 60000 euros gross per year. The professional will then have a gross hourly rate of over 32 euros.

What are the studies to become an import / export salesman?

There are many diplomas to practice the profession of import/export salesman.

  • After 2 years of study, the BTS in international trade, the BTS in business administration and the BTS in export management are ideal training courses to become an import/export manager.
  • In schools and universities, there are many courses of study to perfect your skills in this field. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, sales, economics. It will all depend on the direction of its course. Examples include the Master of Marketing and Sales, Master of International Business, Master of Business and Market Economics…

What are the career opportunities for an import/export salesman?

The possible evolution will depend on the experience of the employee and the size of the company. For the largest of them, an import-export manager can aspire to become an international director. Overall, experience in export sales allows you to become an export zone manager, export director, or even the director of a foreign subsidiary. In most cases, these will be sales team management positions.

What are the preferred jobs in international trade at the beginning of my career?

  • Import/Export Assistant : for a beginner, after a professional baccalaureate, the job of Import/Export Assistant is accessible. It takes care of the administrative and logistical procedures at the international level. It manages the transit of orders, from delivery to payment. Other elements will be added to it. Customer relations, sales negotiation, transport organization, invoicing, customs…
  • Purchasing manager: He/she initiates the specifications that he/she elaborates in partnership with the suppliers. He is in charge of negotiating and concluding the purchase of goods at the most attractive price. He ensures that the quality of the products is respected as well as their delivery time.
  • Sales representative: His mission is to increase the company’s sales. He is in charge of putting forward commercial offers. He is in charge of prospecting, signing contracts and developing his client portfolio.
  • Assistant product manager: Assisting the product manager, he/she participates in the elaboration and shelving of goods, according to the technical specifications. He is responsible for promotional campaigns and market research for future products marketed internationally.

Which jobs in international trade pay the best?

As in all sectors, there is a great disparity in salaries depending on the sector. Three areas in particular stand out.

  • Import-Export Manager: He is in charge of the import and export movements that the company needs. He manages the stocks, the coordination of the teams, analyses the specifications, negotiates the contracts… Even if the remuneration depends on different factors (size of the company, level of education…), a senior manager earns about 45,000 euros gross per year.
  • Export Sales Manager: He/she manages a team of sales representatives, who are constantly on the move abroad. He studies competitive strategies, carries out market research, maintains customer loyalty through prospecting, negotiates and invests in distribution networks. His gross salary is approximately 52,000 euros per year.
  • Technical sales engineer: He or she is both a salesman and a saleswoman, and as such has a thorough knowledge of the goods he or she is selling and knows how to negotiate accordingly. But he is distinguished by his double role as a demonstrator, technical assistant and prospector. He is also in charge of market research. A qualified engineer can earn up to 38,000 euros gross.


Updated 17 April 2023