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Innovative Pedagogical Projects

ESCE stands out for its innovative pedagogical projects focused on the holistic development of the student.

At the heart of this approach is the intercultural workgroup, fostering a diverse and collaborative learning environment. With its focus on professional development, the school aims to equip its students with the skills they need to excel in their future professions.

For the International Bachelor Program, the integration of Montessori pedagogy reflects ESCE’s commitment to cultivating savoir-être alongside know-how, encouraging autonomy, curiosity and creativity. This innovative approach extends throughout the institution, with a constant quest for pedagogical innovation to guarantee an enriching educational experience that is adapted to contemporary requirements.

In short, ESCE’s overall objective is to train fulfilled individuals, capable of meeting professional challenges while retaining an inquisitive and autonomous mind.

SHIFT(s) programs

Exciting masterclasses covering a wide range of topics. What is the purpose of the SHIFT(s) programs? To make students aware of the major social, political, cultural or environmental issues of our time while equipping them with new skills.

🏆 🔥 La Nego Champions League

This challenge, aimed at 2nd-year PGE students, is designed to put into practice the sales and negotiation techniques seen in 1st year.

Based on the principle of a Business Game, over sixty teams and more than 300 students compete.

🤝 PACT, the solidarity scheme that gives meaning to your studies

In 2022, PACT (Programme d’Action Citoyenne de Terrain) was launched in five of the group’s schools, including ESCE, to raise students’ awareness of civic engagement and CSR.

This program offers more than 2,000 students the opportunity to carry out short volunteer missions within the associations of the SOS Group. Students have a unique opportunity to get involved in environmental, social and solidarity missions.

  • one half-day per week for 5 to 6 weeks or 25 hours minimum during the year dedicated to citizen and solidarity missions;
  • strong projects within committed associations such as the Resto du Coeur;
  • missions in the fields of the environment, health, support for seniors, employment or youth The PACT program is available on the Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon campuses;
  • significant encounters and the opportunity to get involved in useful causes.

🚀 Learning expeditions

ESCE organizes numerous expeditions throughout the year to enable students to discover the professional environment around them:

  • Museum of Counterfeiting
  • STATION F, a start-up campus.
  • COJOP Paris 2024 – Organizing Committee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in Saint-Denis.
  • Port of Le Havre
Updated 4 December 2023