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The Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain master’s degree – Grande Ecole Program

In the battle that companies are waging to satisfy their customers, the question of product availability at lower cost is indeed strategic. It is therefore essential to manage supply chains in line with technological advances.

Amazon, Walmart and Apple are examples of organizations that have understood the crucial role of the supply chain.

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MASTER Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain
International campuses London
International campuses London

Programme description: Master Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain

This specialisation is based on 3 key skills:

  • Design an efficient supply chain
  • organize itself to optimize its performance,
  • Reduce human impact on the environment

Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain Master’s degree: the benefits of specialisation

Master Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain - Courses

the courses

  • Operations management
  • Risk management & sustainability
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Decision making with Excel
  • Procurement & purchasing
  • Supply Chain strategy & carbon footprint​
  • Quality management
  • Forecasting & demand management
  • Digital transformation & Power BI
  • Transportation and climate change
  • Planning & scheduling
Master Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain - Skills


  • design an efficient supply chain,
  • Understanding and managing the strategic impact of supply chain operations
  • Learn buying techniques
  • Get yourself organised to optimise supply chain performance
  • Develop strategic flow management in a digital environment
  • Manage information systems
  • Checking quality
  • Optimise project plans
  • Reduce human impact on the environment
  • Analyse risks and costs
  • Focus on eco-logistics and sustainable development issues

Opportunities And Missions in business

Contrôleur logistique

Supervising and controlling the company’s logistics operations.

  • The logistics controller manages the flow of goods, coordinates warehousing and transportation activities, and monitors logistics costs.

Planificateur de demande

Forecasting future demand for the company’s products or services.

  • This involves analyzing market trends, collaborating with sales and production teams, and creating demand plans to ensure appropriate inventory levels.

Coordinateur de la transformation digitale

Leading and coordinating digital transformation initiatives within the company, particularly in logistics and the supply chain.

  • The digital transformation coordinator has a wide variety of missions such as: the adoption of new technologies, process automation, and the implementation of digital solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Consultant en logistique

Providing specialist logistics and supply chain advice to corporate clients.

  • The logistics consultant works with other companies on issues such as: optimizing logistics processes, reducing costs, and implementing best practices to improve operational performance.

Directeur de la chaîne d’approvisionnement

Manage all the company’s supply chain activities

  • This means: strategic planning, operations management, coordination between different supply chain functions, and ensuring that products are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.

Directeur qualité

Supervising and ensuring the implementation and maintenance of quality standards within an organisation.

  • His responsibilities include defining and managing quality policies, ensuring that internal processes meet established standards, and coordinating initiatives to improve the quality of the company’s products or services.

The possibility of a double degree

Note that the specialization in Digital & Sustainable Supply Chain emphasizes the sustainability and digitalization of the supply chain, while the MSc focuses on international business development.

This double degree offers a unique strategic vision, integrating the international, sustainable and digital dimensions of commerce.

The program aims to develop professionals who can effectively navigate the complex world of global business. Students acquire versatile skills that are highly sought after on the job market.

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

La diversité des enseignements proposés nous permet d’avoir une vision globale de la chaine d’approvisionnement, du fournisseur au client final, et ainsi d’en comprendre les enjeux.
De plus, la qualité des enseignants, mêlant professeurs et professionnels, nous permet de mettre en lien les enseignements théoriques avec la “réalité” du terrain. 

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