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This specialization prepares students through role-playing, business cases and start-up projects. This International Digital Marketing Master allows you to acquire the skills necessary for a digital manager. It is also the opportunity to confront professionals and develop a real network.

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  • CAMPUS :Paris
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
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International campuses London

MASTER International digital marketing

This International Digital Marketing Master is based on 3 main objectives:

  • Practically apply digital marketing strategies for real business entities, from planning to implementation.
  • Innovate to solve very difficult challenges related to time, budget and resource constraints. Discover new technologies such as AI, blockchain, data analytics, IoT and the evolution of marketing.
  • Develop skills related to inbound marketing, agile project management, data analysis and presentation.

Master International Digital Marketing: the advantages of the specialization

the courses

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product management and marketing – AGILE
  • Marketing for the 21st century
  • New technologies
  • Growth Hacking
  • Hubspot certifications


  • Plan digital marketing campaigns
  • Implement digital marketing campaigns
  • Use AGILE tools and methodologies
  • Innovate with new technologies
  • Manage inbound marketing campaigns
  • Demonstrate creative content creation
  • Analyze data and Analytics

Opportunities And Missions in business

Brand Manager

Manage and develop a company’s brand.

  • Brand managers are responsible for brand strategy, brand image management, communicating with consumers and maximizing brand value.

Content manager

Create and write quality content for different media (web, blog, social networks, etc.)

  • Content managers are responsible for optimizing the site for natural referencing (SEO), analyzing performance, optimizing the content strategy and then defining and implementing the company’s content strategy.


Manage product development using agile methodologies such as Scrum.

  • AGILE product managers coordinate teams, develop agile roadmaps, and ensure the development process is iterative and responsive.

Digital Marketing Manager

Design and implement digital marketing strategies

  • Digital marketers use online channels such as social media, SEO, online advertising to achieve the company’s marketing objectives.

Customer Experience Manager

Improve and manage the overall customer experience with the brand.

  • Customer experience managers work on understanding customer needs, optimizing customer journeys, and resolving issues to improve overall satisfaction.

Manager of social networks

Define and implement the company’s social media strategy.

  • The main missions of social media managers are: the creation and publication of engaging content on social networks, the animation of the community by interacting with audiences and then analyzing performance and optimizing the strategy.
Fall 2018 Campus Photo Shoot, Fifth Avenue, Students, Empire State Building as Backdrop

A semester at Baruch College, New York

Students in this specialization can follow a semester at Baruch College in New York in their 4th year and benefit from a particular focus on the luxury and fashion, advertising and digital marketing sectors.

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