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At ESCE, nearly 40 associations in Paris and Lyon give rhythm to our students’ daily lives.
Sporting, cultural, entrepreneurial, humanitarian or just plain fun,
ESCE’s associations extend the school’s educational project, while developing
a necessarily international dimension and ambitious projects.

associative life at the heart of the pedagogical project

Each position within an association corresponds to a real responsibility: team management, planning, logistics, budgets and accounting, creativity in projects and communication.

The objective is to give the members of the associations concrete responsibilities of management and project management, but also to allow them to live their passion.

Event-based associations

BDE (Student Office)

The BDE is the soul of the school. After the fight for the Grail in March. This association manages all student life from the integration weekend in September to the end of year gala. Budget, Responsibilities, Festivities. One is not born a BDE, one becomes one!


Model United Nations (MUN) is an association that offers a simulation of UN meetings to prepare its members for international negotiations. For students who like to travel and debate in foreign languages, this is the ideal association. Get Ready!


NGA is the association of video game enthusiasts. Tournaments, coaching, international events or just playing with other members. Dexterity, speed, endurance… NGA is the quality association that requires quality!

International association ESCE

The ESCE International Association is the association that welcomes all foreign students on campus. The association’s mission is to introduce France and its culture to a public of young Erasmus students but also to create news channels all over the world to keep an international connection all year long.

poker of ESCE

Poker of ESCE is the school’s poker association. Poker, lust and debauchery? No. Poker of ESCE is solidarity, ecology and fun. This is the winning combination of a group that requires a lot of help from its members!

sports associations

Bureau des sports – unity esce


The BDS Unity is the ESCE team sports association. Its membership includes athletes participating in soccer, basketball, rugby and any other sport depending on the year’s recruits.

The sails

The mission of Les Voiles de l’ESCE is to promote water sports and in particular sailing. The association participates in the 3 trophies (sea, land, sand) of the EDHEC Boat Race (CCE) and presents the sport on campus during an initiation day.

the arrows

The ESCE Arrows participate in the largest student competition in board sports. It also organizes the ski week open to all students on campus and offers them a big family raclette to meet all the winter sports enthusiasts.

kert esce

Kert ESCE is the school’s karting association that promotes motorsports. The association participates in numerous sports competitions and offers all students a real introduction to sports.

pom’s up

The Pom’s Up train all year long for sporty and athletic choreographies in the presence of a coach. The association participates in the Digital Stepstone which rewards the best acrobatic prowess. The association also takes a stand against all social clichés and encourages the male population to get involved in a genuinely mixed activity.

humanitarian associations


As its name indicates, Humanity is the humanitarian association of ESCE. Blood donations, street fairs, clothing drives, travel and community projects… Humanity draws on the resources of each individual to grow a collective tree of life from its individual roots.

esce trophy

The ESCE 4L association mixes humanitarianism with adventure. During the 4L raid in the Moroccan desert, the association sends crews who will distribute school supplies to the most underprivileged children. On campus, the association develops projects to give a taste of adventure to the most daring students.

cultural associations

BDA (Bureau Des ArTs)

It is the cultural federation of the campus. Its objective: to bring together all the cultural associations of the school. Each year, the BDA must defend a new cultural project and participate in traditional events.

wine more time

WMT is the association of oenology but also of all spirits. The objective of the association is to offer wine tasting courses and local products, but also to participate in the Grand Rally des Vin’4 Heures. Each year, WMT publishes a book around exciting issues related to the spirits market.

move your feet

Move your feet is the campus dance association. The association offers year-round dance classes in hip hoop, jazz, zumba, rock… and organizes the Move Your Feet Scholl Battle, which brings together many schools around an increasingly popular project: a spectacular dance battle that closes the academic year.

club alma

The Alma Club is the association of outstanding cultural conferences. In these privileged moments, personalities with breathtaking experience come to the microphone. The Alma Club also plans to organize TedX on campus…

the republic

La Réplique is the school’s improvisational theater association. It offers improvisation classes to its members and organizes an end-of-year show.

peuf rap

Peuf’Rap is an association with a big heart. Beyond its activities around rap and an exceptional dynamism, the association organizes tours in hospitals or orphanages to offer gifts to underprivileged children by proposing a small show with all the people of the association or the school of good will.

professional associations


Rooftop is the ESCE association that oversees all associative life by managing the budget in agreement with the administration’s Associative Manager.

ESCE banking & finance

EBF is ESCE’s finance association, which aims to unite students and establish contact between young financial novices and ESCE alumni. Members gain useful and real-world knowledge and can participate in various competitions focused on the field of finance.


Genius brings together student entrepreneurs to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and start-up creation.


This is the visual association of ESCE. Photos, videos… The association schedules classes for its members and runs the monthly campus video.


It is the student association for the development of Africa. This association promotes the African continent and organizes fundraising events.

an international dimension within the associations

Because ESCE is an international school, associations are asked to communicate in at least two languages (French/English) and to design projects to be developed internationally

More and more, associations are invited to integrate international activities in their activities

Updated 23 June 2022