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associative life at the heart of the pedagogical project

At ESCE, nearly 40 associations in Paris and Lyon punctuate the daily lives of our students. Sporting, cultural, entrepreneurial, humanitarian or simply fun, ESCE associations extend the school’s educational project, while developing a necessarily international dimension and ambitious projects.

Each position within an association corresponds to a real responsibility: team management, planning, logistics, budgets and accounting, creativity in projects and communication.

The objective is to give the members of the associations concrete responsibilities of management and project management, but also to allow them to live their passion.

an international dimension within the associations

Because ESCE is an international school, associations are asked to communicate in at least two languages (French/English) and to design projects to be developed internationally

More and more, associations are invited to integrate international activities in their activities

Event-based associations

BDE legacy (Paris)

The legacy BDE is the new student office for 2022-2023. An essential component of any business school, our association’s mission is to liven up the campus, organize student parties and promote the school’s overall student life.

BDE chicagorilla (lyon)

The Chicagorilla BDE has set itself the task of organizing a wide range of events to help new arrivals integrate: themed evenings, an integration weekend, afterworks, an end-of-year gala and much more…


Made up of around twenty students, our aim is to help you discover the hidden sides of our beloved capital: bars, terraces, museums, parks… and all without hurting your wallet!

International association ESCE

The ESCE International Association welcomes all foreign students to the campus. The association’s mission is to help young Erasmus students discover France and its culture.

sports associations

Bureau des sports – unity esce


The BDS Unity is the ESCE team sports association. Its membership includes athletes participating in soccer, basketball, rugby and any other sport depending on the year’s recruits.

the arrows

The ESCE Arrows participate in the largest student competition in board sports. It also organizes the ski week open to all students on campus and offers them a big family raclette to meet all the winter sports enthusiasts.

move your feet

Move your feet is the campus dance association. The association offers year-round dance classes in hip hoop, jazz, zumba, rock… and organizes the Move Your Feet Scholl Battle, which brings together many schools around an increasingly popular project: a spectacular dance battle that closes the academic year.

rocky fight club

Rocky fight club is a new ESCE combat sports association. Every Thursday, registered students can practice a combat sport such as MMA, kick boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and English boxing.

kert esce

Kert ESCE is the school’s karting association, which promotes motorsport. The association takes part in numerous sporting competitions and offers all students a real introduction to sport.

pom’s up

Pom’s Up train all year round for sporty, athletic choreographies in the presence of a coach. The association also takes part in the Digital Stepstone, which rewards the best acrobatic feats.

The sails

Les Voiles de l’ESCE’s mission is to promote water sports, particularly sailing. The association takes part in the 3 trophies (sea, land, sand) of the Course Croisière EDHEC (CCE) and presents the sport on campus during an initiation day.

The waves

Les Vagues is a student surfing association in Paris, created by surfing enthusiasts, and currently has around 30 members. We’re a big family made up of students from several schools and several years.


Furiours, BDE honey. The extreme sports association.

humanitarian associations

esce trophy

ESCE’s 4L association combines humanitarianism and adventure. During the 4L raid in the Moroccan desert, the association sends crews to distribute school supplies to underprivileged children.


As its name suggests, Humanity is ESCE’s humanitarian association. Blood donation, street campaigns, clothing drives, travel and social projects…Humanity draws on the resources of each individual to grow a collective tree of life from its individual roots.

asso’ charity

Charity’s mission is to support, share and raise awareness among students of all the charitable causes close to their hearts. The association is founded on 3 key principles: Love, Solidarity and Sharing.

cultural associations

Aware Agency

Made up of around twenty students, our aim is to help you discover the hidden sides of our beloved capital: bars, terraces, museums, parks… and all without hurting your wallet!


Fréquence is the music association for the La Défense and Eiffel campuses. We bring together instrumentalists and DJs, as well as a team with a passion for music and a commitment to creating events.


Board games association.


Cook’in is the ESCE Paris cooking association. Sharing, gourmet food and cooking are the watchwords. It brings together people with a passion for cooking as well as those with a sweet tooth.


Focus is the school’s multimedia association, which covers the fields of photography and video, as well as retouching and editing software.


Les puristes is a rap media created by music fans, particularly rap fans. Our aim is to share our passion with you. With album reviews, artist interviews, cultural highlights and weekly releases.


The NGA is the gaming and ESport association of the OMNES Education group in Paris, with over 9,000 students. Our aim is to organize social events, whether fun or competitive, to satisfy everyone’s desire to discover the world of video games.

asso’ cuisto

It’s the association that awakens the taste buds of the Lyon campus! Norte’s aim is to make the whole school go wild with classic recipes, but also to introduce people to other cultures through food from the four corners of the globe.

professional associations

asso’ bnem

The Bureau National des Etudiants en Ecole de Management is an association that represents all the students present. this association carries out studies and projects on various social issues.


Genius brings together student entrepreneurs to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and start-up creation.


Rooftop is the ESCE association that oversees all associative life, managing the budget in agreement with the administration’s Associative Manager.


Updated 8 March 2024