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The Master in Communication, Luxury & Prestige Marketing master – Grande Ecole program

Based on the observation that, to integrate certain sectors of activity with high cultural or sociological value, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of them, the marketing department of ESCE offers a marketing specialization oriented towards the professions of communication, luxury and prestige products.

An important part of this specialization is dedicated to discovering the history and codes of luxury houses. Sectoral expertise combined with numerous practical scenarios give students legitimacy that goes beyond simple mastery of marketing techniques.

  • Rhythm: Classical
  • CAMPUS :Paris
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
Logo Grade de Master - Master communication, marketing luxe & prestige
Master Communication, Luxury & Prestige Marketing - Program Presentation
International campuses London
International campuses London

Program Presentation : Master Communication, Luxury & Prestige Marketing

This specialization is structured around 7 major objectives:

  • Master marketing and communication techniques in the luxury world
  • Acquire strong writing and speaking skills in diverse communication environments.
  • Be able to carry out missions as part of a professional project
  • Consolidate knowledge on the heritage of luxury brands and its implications in terms of communication and marketing
  • Present broader perspectives on luxury, including art, history, sociology, societal and sustainability issues.
  • Raise awareness of the transformation of luxury codes

Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing: the advantages of the specialization

Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing - Subjects

the courses

  • The specificities of luxury service customers
  • Adapting marketing issues
  • Building a marketing strategy
  • International demand of luxury goods
  • Luxury brand management
  • Luxury sectors of the future
  • Online et offline User Experience
  • Building luxury brand image
  • E-reputation and influenceur strategies
  • Brand image and digital communication
Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing - Skills


  • Understand the development of the luxury and prestige sectors in a global context
  • Understand the development of luxury and prestige markets in a global context
  • Adopt a customer-oriented attitude to optimize the customer experience in the luxury environment
  • Create content to improve the image of luxury and prestige brands
  • Create digital strategies to improve the image of luxury and prestige brands
  • Evaluate professional responsibilities in the communications sector
  • Create professional responsibilities in the field of communication
Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing - Business opportunities and missions

Opportunities And Missions in business

Head of communications / social networks

Develop and implement communications and social media strategies to promote the brand or business.

  • This involves creating content, managing social media platforms, monitoring trends and communicating with audiences

Events project manager

Plan, organize and execute events.

  • The event project manager’s missions are: logistical coordination, budget management, communication with suppliers and the creation of memorable experiences for participants.

Strategic media planner

Design strategic media plans to maximize the visibility and impact of advertising campaigns.

  • This involves analyzing target audiences, selecting appropriate media channels, negotiating advertising space and measuring campaign effectiveness.

Luxury retail manager

Manage the daily operations of a luxury goods outlet.

  • The Manager in luxury retail is responsible for: supervising staff, managing inventory, creating an exceptional customer experience, and achieving sales objectives.

Product Manager / Luxury Brand

Manage the development, promotion and performance of a range of luxury products or a brand.

  • This may include market research, defining marketing strategy, managing supplier relationships and maximizing brand value.
Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing - BARUCH COLLEGE semester
Fall 2018 Campus Photo Shoot, Fifth Avenue, Students, Empire State Building as Backdrop

A semester at Baruch College, New York

Students in this specialization can follow a semester at Baruch College in New York in their 4th year and benefit from a particular focus on the luxury and fashion, advertising and digital marketing sectors.

Master in communication, luxury & prestige marketing - Admission Manager

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

It’s a very interesting Master’s programme, where you learn about the history and strategy of the major luxury brands. We also have the chance to work for real companies, or to go on exchange to New York.

Cloé Bousquet

Alumni de la spécialisation

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