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Purchasing Master’s degree – Grande école Program

What if you had shopping budget of several million euros ? To a certain extent, this is what a buyer has to do on behalf of his company in order to supply it. Satisfying customers with products and services that meet their expectations begins first of all with an efficient and controlled purchasing process that continuously feeds a supply chain.

  • Rhythm: In apprenticeship – 1 week at school and 3 weeks at work (exemption from tuition fees)
  • CAMPUS :Paris
  • LANGUAGES OF TEACHING: French and English
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
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Purchasing Master's degree
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Presentation of the programme : Purchasing Master’s degree

This specialisation is based on 3 main pillars:

  • How to buy the quality you want at the best price?
  • How to organize a Purchasing Department to optimize performance?
  • How to reduce the impact on the environment?

Master’s in Purchasing: the advantages of specialisation


  • Learn purchasing techniques
  • Learn negotiation techniques
  • Develop strategic flow management in a digital environment
  • Manage information systems
  • Checking quality
  • Analyse risks and costs
  • Focus on eco-logistics and sustainable development issues
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Organize the purchasing department to optimize performance
  • Buy the desired quality at the best price

The subjects

  • Business Negotiation
  • Purchasing and contracts law
  • Green Management OL
  • Customs
  • Innovation OL
  • Procurement & purchasing Management
  • Supplier management
  • Transportation & climate change
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Quality Management
  • Management control
  • Purchasing digital tools
  • Crisis and change management


MISSIONS in business

Industrial Purchaser

Buying goods and raw materials for industrial production.

  • Therefore, it involves selecting suppliers, negotiating purchasing terms, managing contracts, and ensuring a stable supply chain to support industrial operations.

Purchaser Sourcing

Identify, evaluate and select potential suppliers to meet a company’s needs for goods and services.

  • This includes finding sources of supply, managing supplier relationships, and negotiating purchasing terms and conditions.

Purchasing consultant

Providing strategic purchasing advice and recommendations to corporate clients.

  • This may include optimizing purchasing processes, managing costs, finding new sources of supply, and implementing best practices in purchasing management.

Digital Transformation Coordinator

Lead and coordinate digital transformation initiatives within the company.

  • When it comes to purchasing, this may involve adopting digital technologies to improve the efficiency of the purchasing process, managing supplier data, and implementing digital solutions to optimize the supply chain.

Quality coordinator

Supervise and coordinate quality control activities within the company.

  • This includes implementing quality standards, managing quality controls, resolving issues related to product or service quality, and ensuring compliance with standards.

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

I’ve learnt a lot, thanks to courses that combine theory and practice in important subjects such as warehouse management and purchasing.

Yanis Hamouda

Alumni de la spécialisation

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