Master cycle – international consumer marketing

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The international consumer marketing specialization – Grande école program

This specialization aims to develop in future marketing managers the knowledge and skills necessary to meet strategic and/or operational challenges in an increasingly digital international context and with a sustainable and responsible perspective.

Achieving these objectives is based on a true balance between theoretical courses, expert interventions on professions and practical cases through partnerships with companies.

international consumer Marketing: the advantages of specialization


strategic brand management,

operational marketing and business development,

retail 4.0,

marketing and negotiation in the consumer goods industry,

category Management

Operational CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Approaches

Services marketing


Optimize assortment and merchandising,

Analyze a phygital distribution strategy,

Master the tools to create and manage a strong brand (brand management) in consumer goods,

know how to make a category management recommendation,

build the annual promotional plan,

make a packaging judgment,

Career opportunities

Consumer Product Manager,

brand manager

crm manager

shopper marketing manager,

Trade Marketing Manager,

Category Manager

Business Developer

Business Leader

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

J’ai choisi cette spécialisation pour découvrir un univers passionnant qui nous entoure tous les jours. Au travers des différents cours que propose la spécialisation, j’ai découvert les métiers de Category Manager, Chef de Secteur, mais également Chef de Produits Marketing.
Les différents projets sont autant d’opportunités offertes par la spécialisation pour comprendre l’offre et la demande, la distribution, et ainsi mieux appréhender les enjeux des métiers du marketing et des métiers commerciaux.


Alumni de la spécialisation

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Updated 7 February 2024