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The marketing and sales strategy specialization in FMCG trains students in the VARIOUS PROFESSIONS OF MARKETING, COMMUNICATION AND SALES DEVELOPMENT IN THE FMCG SECTOR.

a specialization that addresses all facets of mass consumption

Specialization Marketing and Sales Strategy in Consumer Goods aims at to train managers capable of mastering marketing techniques through the specificities of the consumer goods industry. Students are provided with concepts, tools and methods to know and understand the diversity of professions and the way they interact and collaborate the different actors of marketing and sales.

The specialization thus provides a vision of the different facets of mass consumption: consumer marketing and the specificities of shopper marketing, but also category management, sales techniques and commercial negotiation.
Learning is achieved by combining theoretical teaching, expert interventions on trades, and practical cases.

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the advantages of this specialization

the materials

strategic brand management,

operational marketing and business development,

customer journey and

retail 4.0,

marketing and negotiation in the consumer goods industry,

category Management

the skills

Optimize assortment and merchandising,

Analyze a phygital distribution strategy,

Master the tools to create and manage a strong brand (brand management) in consumer goods,

know how to make a category management recommendation,

build the annual promotional plan,

make a packaging judgment,

negotiate commercial activations

the Opportunities

Consumer Product Manager,

brand manager,

crm manager,

shopper marketing manager,

Trade Marketing Manager,

Category Manager,

Business Developer,

Area Manager,

business developer

présentation de la spécialisation

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Updated 23 February 2022