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International Bachelor: sales & digital marketing manager

TheInternational Bachelor‘s Sales and Digital Marketing Management specialization prepares students for the various marketing and sales functions in the corporate world .

It enables students to master marketing concepts, methods and tools, particularly in digital marketing, and apply them to marketing strategy and corporate dynamics .

It also provides a complete overview of the sales process, from prospecting to loyalty building in an international context.

International Bachelor: sales & digital marketing manager

– Specific skills developed

  • Implementing a sales strategy
  • Define a company’s annual action plans
  • Coordinate and implement sales initiatives in line with the defined strategy
  • Determining a customer’s or prospect’s potential
  • Develop a portfolio of customers and prospects
  • Design and analyze performance indicators
  • Prospecting new markets
  • Manage digital projects
  • Manage the customer experience on the web
  • Know how to place the web marketing approach in the strategy and economic dynamics of the company
  • Define and develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Mastering communication techniques

examples of materials

  • Customer experience
  • Social media
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Sales management
  • Leading a team
  • Management
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Customer experience
  • Social media
  • Influence marketing
  • Web to store

career opportunities

Professional integration offers the possibility ofoccupying a variety of positions within companies in all sectors and in all types of companies (SMEs/SMIs and large corporations), as :

  • Business Developer
  • Commercial business manager
  • Commercial attaché
  • Development Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Profit center manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Account manager
  • Sales technician

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Updated 1 December 2023