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Bachelor : Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance – International Bachelor

This Bachelor Corporate Finance course calls on a set of multidisciplinary knowledge relating to accounting, finance and strategy.

The objective of this Corporate Finance specialization of the International Bachelor is to acquire mastery of the methods and tools necessary to improve financial performance, increase the value of the company while ensuring good risk management.

Specific skills developed

  • Master the integration factors of financial decisions
  • Know how to assess associated risks and resources
    to a project
  • Master budgetary processes and audit techniques
  • Manage performance, from the budget to recommendations to general management
  • Applied multidisciplinary legal competence
    to the business is also developed



  • Treasury management
  • Business Law and Taxation
  • Management of exchange rate risks
  • Audit and management control

Job opportunities:

The Corporate Finance specialization offers the possibility of occupying different positions in the banking sector or in companies, as:

  • Banking sales associate
  • Treasury and financing manager
  • Technical financial advisor
  • Assistant management controller
  • Credit analyst

Nathan Kosmowski

Admissions Manager International Bachelor Program

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