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3-year or 4-year Bachelor's degree
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The ESCE has developed an MSc offer which allows students to acquire the skills, aptitudes and knowledge necessary for the exercise of a trade or activity in an international context, and thus meet the needs of companies oriented towards the international.

Master of Science Program

Teaching focuses on international issues and is delivered in 100% English. The MSc programs are built around the same active pedagogy which includes challenges, business cases, learning expeditions…

Our MSc programs are accredited by La Conférence des Grandes Écoles.


A soft skills program with an assessment phase and a personal development phase.
100% teaching in English.
A course in “Persuasive Communication”

A balance between teacher-research professors holding a doctorate, and professionals specializing in different business issues and from different geographical origins

A 6-month internship in France or abroad.
An international environment on campus

5 areas are offered:


Step 1: Make an appointment with the Admissions Department as soon as the file is complete

Step 2: Individual motivational interview in person or remotely with the Pedagogical Manager of the Program

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Updated 25 September 2023