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Bachelor: International Business & Customs Management : UPEC
Bachelor International Business & Customs Management / Licence Professionnelle degree

Presentation of the Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Customs Management

ESCE has joined forces with the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC), recognised as offering the best professional degree in the field of international trade, to create the Bachelor: International Trade & Customs Management.

  • 100% IN FRENCH

Why choose the Bachelor in Customs Management ?

Why choose the Bachelor in Customs Management ?

Our aim is to meet the skills needs of young employees so that they can support the growth of companies in a fast-changing environment. So we are preparing them to understand these changes. The courses on offer will enable them to understand the full range of professions linked to international trade and to play an active role in them.

Program objectives and target skills

Program objectives and target skills

This Bachelor’s degree in international business and customs management offers you a wide range of skills such as :

  • Researching foreign markets
  • Find customers or suppliers abroad and maintain commercial relations.
  • Know how to manage operations related to sales and purchasing administration
  • Choosing and managing relationships with international trade service providers: forwarding agents, carriers, customs agents, etc.
  • Mastering the international trade document chain
  • Preparing for, taking part in and following up international trade events
Master International Business Development

Bachelor’s apprenticeship program in Paris

This work-linked specialisation allows you to combine the acquisition of academic knowledge with professional experience: a path that favours professional integration.

3rd year of Bachelor in Customs Management in Paris

As well as a focus on customs management, in the Bachelor you will also have a focus on international trade. This is one of the advantages of this course, which provides dual expertise in International Trade and Customs Management. Apprenticeships are another advantage of this course:

  • Exemption from tuition fees
  • Salary compensation (the apprentices are employees of the host company)

The apprenticeship at ESCE is structured as follows: 1 week in class – 2 weeks in the company.

100% French courses and international opportunities

This course in International Business & Customs Management is 100% in French.

It also offers great opportunities, both during their studies and in the professional world, with a variety of outlets.

Academic excellence in the International Business Professional Degree

Quality teaching and professional recognition

At ESCE, academic excellence is of paramount importance. This is why all ESCE courses are taught by experts in the field and professionals recognised in their sector. This specialisation is taught jointly by professors from UPEC and ESCE.

Academic accreditations and partnerships

When you enrol for this Bachelor’s degree in International Business & Customs Management, you will be awarded a double diploma:

  • An ESCE Bachelor’s degree
  • A professional degree from UPEC (state diploma – RNCP level 6), which is the partner university for this course. UPEC is a renowned university in the field of customs management.

Specialisation in International Business and Customs Management

Students in this specialisation will explore the different areas related to International Business, taking into account geopolitical impacts and recent customs agreements. You will learn how to make the most of procurement opportunities and implement sourcing strategies that help create value within the organisation.

Customs management covers all the formalities required for the legal transit of goods between territories and countries. The procedures and costs involved vary depending on the goods to be delivered. Customs management is both logical and complex, based on compliance with international trade law, while at the same time having to deal with standards and recommendations that vary from one country to another.

Details of the international business course program

At ESCE you will benefit from a number of international business courses. This international business aspect is even stronger with this Bachelor’s degree. Here is an example of the international business courses offered in 3rd year:

  • Strategy and approach to international markets
  • International business practices and techniques
  • International management
  • Financing and regulating the economy
  • International marketing
  • Resources and applied digital culture
  • Digital Marketing
  • International law

Specialised modules in customs management

  • Customs management
  • Supply chain management
  • Sustainable purchasing and sourcing
  • Understanding customs activities, legislation, regulations and procedures
  • Supply chain and customs
  • Customs financial payment procedures
  • Digital tools and digitisation of customs operations

Careers and professional prospects after the Bachelor’s degree

This Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Customs Management offers you a range of career opportunities, including :

  • Export sales
  • Buyer’s assistant
  • Assistant Area Manager
  • Export sales administration
  • Assistant import/export manager
  • Assistant international management executive
  • Assistant logistics manager
  • Customs representative
Bachelor's degree in international business and customs management

ADMISSION PROCESS and prerequisites

ADMISSION PROCESS and prerequisites

Apply now for the start of the new academic year in September

Step 1: Consult your file online

  • Transcripts from the last 2 years.
  • Diplomas obtained
  • CV and cover letter
  • National identity card
  • Payment of €70 application fee

Step 2: Attend the motivation interview


Tips for a successful application

1: find out about the school

Find out more about the course, existing associations and 3rd year specialisations. The idea is to be able to show during the interview that you are interested in ESCE and the Bachelor Programme in particular.

2: Prepare an introduction

In addition to a formal introduction (who you are, what you’ve done before, why you want to join the school), the introduction should direct the conversation towards what you want to talk about. The purpose of the oral is to get to know you better.

3: Highlight your extra-curricular projects and hobbies

These are the elements that will make the difference. If you are passionate about an author or a musician, say so. In the same way, promote your projects carried out outside of school. The ESCE values enterprising and committed candidates.

4: keep up to date with the latest news

Current affairs questions are a way of testing a candidate’s openness to the world. We must pay attention to economic, social, political news and especially to international news.

5: Take care with your non-verbal communication

Look your interlocutors in the eye, stand up straight, smile… in short, pay attention to the image you send back during the interview. Professional attire is recommended.

For international applications*, please contact

*Warning! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French national and live outside France.


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Updated 19 April 2024