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The ESCE puts the development of the individual at the heart of its teaching for the success of its future graduates. It helps its students to develop better self-knowledge for a coherent professional project and better employability.

Become an actor of your success


  • Promote consistency between your personality, your abilities and your acquired academic skills
  • Fulfill yourself in your student life, in the discovery of yourself and in the construction of your professional project
  • Build and consolidate the foundations of your personal growth and career goals
  • Position yourself as a management expert
  • Improve your employability through better self-knowledge and the development of your international business skills


Build your professional project

From the first years of your course at ESCE, you are trained in the discovery of business and multiculturalism through:

  • On-Line Challenges and tools adapted to develop your ability to stand out
  • Face-to-face courses to support you in writing and using your CVs or profiles on Professional Networks
  • mock interviews

Develop your leadership

To lead you to determine your orientation and develop your qualities as a Manager according to your professional project, the ESCE relies on a “soft skills” skills repository set up according to the expectations of the best international companies.

  • Self-assessments
  • Support to improve certain skills
  • Evaluation review with coaches
  • Drawing up a personal development plan

Acquire a certified document: the “Skills Passport”

Since 2019, the school has set up a system for evaluating all the skills acquired throughout the course to make you integrate the strengths on which you can rely, the points to improve and thus stand out in your transition in the labor market.
At the end of your course, you will receive a personal “Skills Passport” on your achievements and your potential, which is based on skills assessments carried out by companies. This certified document is an essential tool for developing the employability of our students!

The integration of the apprenticeship sector offers a highly professional career with renowned companies such as: Stellantis, Fnac / Darty, BNP, Coface, Christian Dior Parfums, etc.

You thus benefit from a follow-up of acquisition of the skills necessary to work internationally around 3 axes:

  • Skills related to international trades based on the Specialty you choose in 4th year
  • Behavioral skills to work in an international and intercultural company thanks to the “Leadership & Personal and Professional Development” program
  • Linguistic skills via highly developed language teaching which aims to make you operational in 2 or even 3 languages
Updated 20 September 2023