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The entrepreneurship and innovation specialization – Grande école program

  • Rhythm: Classical
  • CAMPUS :Paris
  • TEACHING LANGUAGE: French and English
  • DIPLOMA : Grade de Master
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Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market.
International campuses London
International campuses London

Presentation of the program: Entrepreneurship & international consulting

Students will have the chance to develop an in-depth understanding of business creation processes while learning fundamental skills. This specialization develops along 3 main axes:

  • Preparing for business internationalization
  • Have an operational toolbox for defining an international strategy, company evaluation, financial management, legal risk management, economic intelligence and business development
  • Meet the needs of a business manager or manager of a business unit

Master Entrepreneurship & International Consulting : the advantages of the specialization

the courses

  • Entrepreneurial Project​
  • Entrepreneurial methods
  • Economic and strategic intelligence
  • Advice mission
  • Entrepreneurship and sustainable innovations
  • Business development in the digital age (Data Analytics & Growth Hacking)
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Digitalization tamed


  • Design management indicators
  • Innovate
  • Do competitive analyzes
  • Manage a project on various aspects: financial and organizational.
  • Present the company’s development plan and the actions to be taken
  • Acquire essential skills to successfully carry out consulting missions

Opportunities And Missions in business


Conceive, launch and manage a new business.

  • Business founders are responsible for identifying opportunities, strategic planning, financing, and operational management of their business

Project manager

Plan, coordinate and supervise the execution of projects.

  • Project managers are responsible for setting goals, organizing resources, managing deadlines, and ensuring projects are delivered successfully

Consulting partner

Running a consulting business as a partner

  • Consulting partners are responsible for the strategic direction of the company, business development, client relationship management and oversight of consulting projects.

international consultant

Providing consulting services internationally.

  • International consultants work on projects in different countries, adapting their skills and recommendations to the realities and needs of global markets.

csr consultant

Help companies integrate sustainable and socially responsible practices into their operations.

  • The main mission of CSR consultants is to advise on issues such as environmental responsibility, diversity, business ethics and the social impacts of businesses on our society.

management consultant

Provide advice on business management and strategy.

  • Management consultants work on aspects such as process improvement, change management, strategic planning and operations optimization.

innovation director

Oversee innovation initiatives within the company.

  • Chief innovation officers are responsible for developing new ideas, implementing innovative solutions, and creating an environment conducive to innovation within the organization.
Master International entrepreneurship & consulting - students

In 4th year :

  • Semester 1: Students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and consulting.
  • Semester 2: students go on an international exchange to a partner university
international entrepreneurship & consulting - 1st year programme

In 5th year :

  • Semester 1: focus on entrepreneurial development.
  • Semester 2: End-of-course internship with a company or pre-incubation internship with the Omnes Education incubator, “La Fabrik”.
international entrepreneurship & consulting - 2nd year programme

Entrepreneurship and Innovation :

Access to an entrepreneurial ecosystem with the incubator

The ESCE incubator is part of the dynamic of entrepreneurial innovation of the specialization.
Its mission is to promote the realization of projects and the development of startups, by offering personalized support.
This assistance includes the provision of office space, IT tools and software, access to a network of experts and regular individual coaching.

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Head of Admissions Grande École Parallel Admissions Program

The courses and entrepreneurial projects have enabled me to acquire skills that are essential for my professional and personal development: defining a strategy, financing and running a business, developing your commercial activity and positioning yourself as an effective and responsible manager. Thanks to ESCE, my integration into working life has been a success.

Théo Millot

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