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The practical, professionally-oriented teaching combines group projects and case studies to ensure maximum employability. The program also includes 12 months of internships during the curriculum and the possibility of a3rd year apprenticeship. The ESCE International Bachelor’s Program is a real springboard towards the job market or further studies in the Master’s program.

ESCE’s International Bachelor enables students to personalize their studies:

  • From year1, you can choose between Sport Management and Events, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development, and International Relations and Geopolitics.
  • In 3rd year, you can choose one of 5 professional specialisations.

To apply

Applications from French students or international students living in France

International student applications residing outside France

Master the main management concepts and tools

Master the concepts of multiculturalism and international relations

Become operational in your field of specialization

What subjects are taught at the international bachelor program?


– Business law

– Corporate functions and their evolution

– Management control and performance management

– Approaches to major international markets

– Introduction to human resources management

– Sensory marketing

International Business

– International trade practices and techniques

– Sales techniques

– Intercultural negotiation

Personal development

– Public speaking

– Visual communication

Customisation pathway

1 course to choose from for the1st year :

– Sports business

– Circular economy and sustainable development

– International relations and geopolitics


– LV1 and LV2 compulsory

– Optional LV3 online


– At the end of1st year – compulsory minimum duration of 2 months

Ferris wheel in the park at Yokohama , Japan


What international experience does the Bachelor Program provide ?

  • A 100% English-language course available from the 1st year
  • 1 or 2 semesters of international experience in the 2nd year on our international campuses.
  • 2 months of optional training in San Francisco for the classic course in 3rd year.

A range of specialisations in 3rd year

A partnership agreement was signed on 10 September 2018 between ESCE and the “Apprendre Montessori” training organisation. The primary objective of Montessori pedagogy is to develop motivation, curiosity, creativity, self-control, self-confidence and autonomy.

Students are assessed on a continuous basis and during mid-term exams, both individually and in groups, using case studies, Business Games, oral presentations, etc.

Find out more about the teaching methods used in the international bachelor program

Master Financial Markets

Datascientest – certified data training included in all our programs

DataScientest à l'ESCE l'école de commerce international à Paris

Nathan Kosmowski

Admissions Manager International Bachelor Program

For international applications*, please contact

*Warning! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French national and live outside France.

the strong points

a 3-year degree course


A personalized course

with a choice of 5 specialisations in 3rd year, 2 of which are apprenticeships

A springboard to the job market

or further studies at Master’s level

The International Bachelor’s Program, a guarantee of quality

A high success rate from one year to the next

Study carried out for the year 2023

ESCE International Business School (Bachelor programme) is Qualiopi certified

ESCE International Business School is Qualiopi certified for: apprenticeship training (Bachelor’s program). Following an audit based on 7 criteria and 32 indicators, the Qualiopi approach certifies the establishment’s processes on the basis of 32 key indicators that punctuate its training courses, from admission to learner employability..

The main commitments associated with this certification are professionalism in the services provided, support for people with disabilities, selection of trainers for their expertise in the field, personalized follow-up towards employment and, finally, the collection and consideration of feedback.

ESCE’s decision to undergo Qualiopi certification demonstrates its desire to continually improve its services in order to guarantee its students optimum quality at all stages of its training.

“In accordance with article L6111-8 of the French Labor Code, the indicators below are available for free access:

  • Graduation rate
  • Continuation of studies
  • Interruption rate during training
  • Professional integration rate
  • The added value of the plant
  • Apprenticeship contract termination rate “

Welcoming students with special needs

Committed to the success of all its students, ESCE is committed to helping students with special needs.

Whether you are a top-level athlete or artist, disabled or suffering from an illness, ESCE is there for you.

For more information about welcoming and teaching students with special needs, please contact us.

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