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The 2-step registration process:

1 – The composition of the application file

The file must consist of the following documents:

  • copy of your identity document
  • a copy of your baccalaureate diploma (if obtained) or other diplomas
  • a copy of your transcripts for your last two years
  • a CV
  • a cover letter

2 – the individual interview

The interview takes place before a jury composed of two people: a jury president (professor or member of the management) and a graduate of the school. This interview is conducted in French.

The members of the jury want to understand what motivates you to join ESCE Paris or Lyon. It is important to have thought beforehand about the experiences that highlight your personality, your project, your tastes and your aspirations. Think about a career plan that is consistent with the school, your experiences and your ambitions.

You will also exchange on international news.

Prepare well for your admissions interview: 5 steps to success

1. S’informer sur l’école

Find out more about the training, the existing associations, the 3rd year specializations. The idea is to be able to show during the interview that you are interested in ESCE and the Bachelor program in particular.

2. Préparer une introduction

In addition to a formal introduction (who you are, what you’ve done before, why you want to join the school), the introduction should direct the conversation towards what you want to talk about. The objective of the oral is to get to know you better.

3. Mettre en avant ses projets extrascolaires et ses hobbies

In addition to the above, it is these elements that will make the difference. If you are passionate about an author or a musician, say so. In the same way, promote your projects carried out outside of school. ESCE values enterprising and committed candidates.

4. Se tenir au courant de l’actualité

Current affairs questions are a way of testing a candidate’s openness to the world. We must pay attention to economic, social, political and especially international news.

5. Soigner sa communication non-verbale

Look your interlocutors in the eye, stand up straight, smile… in short, pay attention to the image you send back during the interview. Professional attire is recommended.

prerequisites for admission to the 2nd year of the Grande Ecole program

  • Subject to obtaining the baccalaureate and 60 ECTS credits at Bac+1
  • On title, for holders of a foreign diploma equivalent to the baccalaureate
  • Follow the international admission procedure for more information


Nadjet Mennequin, Head of Grande Ecole Program Admissions Post BAC

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Updated 12 October 2023