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bachelor's degree in organizational management

Organization Management – International Bachelor

The Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management has the advantage of being the most generalist of all the International Bachelor specialisations. It offers a first semester dedicated to work placements and a second dedicated to teaching the subjects.


It enables students to develop business and cross-disciplinary skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, international management, finance and digital marketing, while allowing third-year students to acquire strategic skills.

The different subjects are well balanced, so that students can envisage continuing their studies in a specialist field as well as taking on managerial and operational roles in different organisations.


Specific skills developed :

  • Organise sales strategy for a geographical area
  • Implement a marketing strategy in a competitive situation
  • Define a company’s business model and business plan.
  • Lead an innovation project to roll out a product or service.


the subjects taught

  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate strategy
  • Project management
  • Innovation management
  • SHIFT (Transdisciplinary program)
Master International Business Development

Careers and professional prospects after the Bachelor’s degree

The generalist Organisational Management pathway offers the opportunity to take up managerial positions within companies in various sectors or to set up their own structure:

  • CEO
  • Business Unit assistant
  • Consultant in organisational management
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager


ADMISSION PROCESS and prerequisites

Apply now for the start of the new academic year in September

Step 1: Consult your file online

  • Transcripts from the last 2 years.
  • Diplomas obtained
  • CV and cover letter
  • National identity card
  • Payment of €70 application fee

Step 2: Attend the motivation interview


Tips for a successful application

1 : Find out more about the school

Find out more about the course, existing associations and 3rd year specialisations. The idea is to be able to show during the interview that you are interested in ESCE and the Bachelor Programme in particular.

2 : Prepare an introduction

In addition to a formal introduction (who you are, what you’ve done before, why you want to join the school), the introduction should direct the conversation towards what you want to talk about. The purpose of the oral is to get to know you better.

3 : Highlight your extra-curricular projects and hobbies

These are the elements that will make the difference. If you are passionate about an author or a musician, say so. In the same way, promote your projects carried out outside of school. The ESCE values enterprising and committed candidates.

4 : Keep up to date with the latest news

Current affairs questions are a way of testing a candidate’s openness to the world. We must pay attention to economic, social, political news and especially to international news.

5 : Take care with your non-verbal communication

Look your interlocutors in the eye, stand up straight, smile… in short, pay attention to the image you send back during the interview. Professional attire is recommended.

For international applications*, please contact

*Warning! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French national and live outside France.

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