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Have you always felt the desire to work in a company outside France and to discover international law? Opt for the International Bachelor after the baccalaureate . This training allows you to find the job of your dreams within 2 months of obtaining your diploma . Discover the essential points to know about the International Bachelor.

What is an international bachelor’s degree?

The International Bachelor is a professional training offered by major business and management schools . It is accessible after the Bac, the DUT or the BTS Commerce International. This training is particularly specialized in trade and international business conferring 180 ECT credits. It allows you to work in a global context to contribute to the development of a company abroad. You develop like this:

• management functions;

• commercial functions;

• global studies.

After completing 3 years of training, you will be able to work as a commercial expert on a European and international scale. At the end of the training, you must master several foreign languages, the main one being English .

Training costs can go up to around €12,000 depending on the school and specialisations .

Are there several specialties in an international bachelor’s degree?

The specialties in an international bachelor’s degree are generally oriented towards international trade , finance, marketing and management . The training axes are more or less the same. You have the choice between:

• digital marketing;

• Corporate Finance;

• International Business;

• International Luxury;

• organization management;

• business development.

Why do an international bachelor’s degree?

The International Bachelor allows students to be operational after a short period in a company . Indeed, you will do many internships during your studies to better understand the business world . In addition, professional speakers still in activity provide the courses. Thus, students benefit from in-depth training in management and corporate culture. This is why companies prioritize applications from students from the International Bachelor .

In addition, the Bachelor program promotes international openness. Indeed, it is possible for you to follow part of the training outside of France . In other words, it is possible to carry out internships and take courses from 6 months to a year abroad.

What subjects are studied during an international bachelor’s degree?

The subjects in the international bachelor’s vary from one specialization to another. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the subjects to be covered during the course :

• international logistics;

• business strategies;

• international risk management;

• purchase and commercial negotiation;

• management;

• management and finance;

• business accounting ;

• financial analysis ;

• International marketing ;

• business economy and economic environment;

• communication techniques ;

• management techniques ;

• advertising ;

• multimedia;

• Press relations ;

• finance;

• sale ;

• sales and marketing;

• public relations ;

• contemporary general culture;

• company communication tools;

• E-business;

• marketing project management;

• Business English ;

• LV 2.

What are the opportunities for an international bachelor’s degree?

After obtaining your international Bachelor’s degree, you can enter working life directly. You can thus opt for an international career in different branches. Depending on your specialization, your application file may be submitted to the following positions:

  • Corporate Finance specialization:
    • banking commercial attaché;
    • treasury and financing officer;
    • technical adviser in finance;
    • credit analyst;
    • assistant management controller.
  • Digital Marketing specialization:
    • Community Manager ;
    • web marketer;
    • mobile marketing manager;
    • e-commerce manager;
    • buzz marketing manager;
    • e-reputation manager.
  • International Business specialization:
    • commercial export ;
    • Supply Chain Management;
    • sales manager ;
    • international project manager;
    • import-export manager;
    • export area manager.
  • Luxury specialization:
    • manager specializing in luxury;
    • Buyer ;
    • communication Manager ;
    • Project Manager ;
    • visual merchandiser;
    • assistant luxury product manager.
  • Specialization in Organizational Management :
    • contractor;
    • business unit director;
    • organizational management consultant;
    • Project Manager ;
    • Product manager.
  • Business Development Specialization:
    • Business Developer;
    • head of sales ;
    • Commercial Attaché ;
    • business manager;
    • profit center manager;
    • commercial affairs manager;
    • responsible development ;
    • technical-commercial;
    • Account Manager.

You can also opt for a career in an international organization.

Does ESCE offer an international bachelor’s degree?

The ESCE offers an international Bachelor’s degree with the aim of training operational managers . During the first year, you follow theoretical courses on the economic, geopolitical and legal environments. You also study management concepts . The second year is devoted to the in-depth study of the concepts of multiculturalism and international relations . For this, you will spend a semester in London followed by a 3-month internship in France or abroad. The last year offers a choice between: 3ᵉ classic year and 3ᵉ alternate year. Management concepts are the main focus of your studies . Before the internships, you have the option of attending a seminar in San Francisco.

By choosing the International bachelor program at ESCE, you will obtain:

• an RNCP title (National Directory of Professional Certifications) level 6 and a Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences from the IAE of Poitiers;

• a level 6 certification for all specializations excluding Corporate Finance;

• a level 6 certification for the International Manager in France.

What training to do after an international bachelor?

It is possible for you to continue your studies after obtaining your international bachelor’s degree . Most students choose the following courses:

• baccalaureate + 5 Management;

• Grandes Ecoles diploma;

• Masters in Commerce.


Updated 28 January 2022