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everything you need to know about the staggered start to the esce school year!

What is the “rentrée décalée”?

Aimed mainly at students who are not satisfied with their training, the “rentrée décalée” is available at ESCE from January-February. Students wishing to join the Grande Ecole, International Bachelor or Master of Science programs can join ESCE without losing a year. The training is the same as that offered in the traditional entry program, except that admission, registration and entry are postponed by 6 months. The teaching is therefore more intensive and adapted to be condensed over a semester.

who is affected by the delayed start of the school year?

The staggered start of the school year mainly concerns :

  • Students who are not satisfied with their training and want to change direction during the year.
  • International students who have not received administrative documents such as visas on time.
  • Students on internships, at the end of work-study programs or on study-abroad programs, who were unable to start the new academic year in September and therefore wish to start in January-February.
  • Retraining professionals


The staggered start to the academic year at ESCE concerns all three programs offered by the school:

  • Staggered start – 1st year POST BAC
  • Staggered start – 3rd year International Bachelor’s program – Organizational management specialization
  • Staggered start – Master of Science

why join esce with a staggered start?

easy re-orientation

join a top business school during the year.

benefit from an accelerated semester that allows you to reorient yourself without losing a year

personalized support

small class sizes.

take advantage of a comprehensive, tailor-made training program

esce benefits

benefit from a strong alumni network

enjoy a rich community life

benefit from numerous partner universities

Staggered start in Paris: 1 ACCELERATED SEMESTER

ESCE offers you the opportunity to join the Rentrée Décalée program in February 2024 in Paris – La Défense.

This accelerated semester combines courses in International Business, languages and Management, enabling you to find your way and then choose the ESCE program best suited to your career plans in 2nd year.

  • February to June: Paris La Défense campus
  • June to August: 2-month internship in France or abroad

Example of ELECTIVES

– International trade practices and techniques

– Geopolitics

– LV1 and LV2

– Ideation

– Marketing

– Accounting

– Finance

– Management

– Right

– Economy

– Sales techniques

Staggered start Bachelor 3rd year – specializing in organizational management

Join the 3rd year of ESCE’s International Bachelor program in Paris La Défense and benefit from quality teaching without losing a year. Our staggered start allows you to benefit from an adapted course schedule, integrating the 2 semesters into one. It is aimed at Bac +2 graduates looking for training.

JOIN THE BACHELOR PROGRAM IN 3rd YEAR Organizational management specialization

The Organizational Management pathway has the advantage of being the most general of allInternational Bachelor specializations. It enables students to develop professional and cross-disciplinary skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, international management, finance and business development. digital marketingwhile enabling third-year students to acquire strategic skills.


  • TheINTERNATIONAL BACHELOR admission procedure (for French and foreign students) runs from September to the end of January.


  • have obtained 120 ECTS credits at Bac+2 level



STEP 1: Apply online

The file must consist of the following documents:

  • copy of your identity document
  • a copy of your most recent diploma
  • a copy of your transcripts for your last two years
  • a CV
  • a cover letter
  • Payment of €70 administration fee

STEP 2: Motivational interview

*Warning! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French national and live outside France.

Preparing for your admission interview: 5 steps to success

1. Find out about the shcool

Find out more about the training and the program. The idea is to be able to show during the interview that you are interested in ESCE. Make the link between the school, your choice of training and your career plans.

2. PrEpare AN introduction

In addition to a formal introduction (who you are, what you’ve done before, why you want to join the school), the introduction should direct the conversation towards what you want to talk about. The purpose of the oral is to get to know you better.

3. Boost your projects and hobbies

These are the elements that will make the difference. If you are passionate about an author or a musician, say so. In the same way, promote your projects carried out outside of school. The ESCE values enterprising and committed candidates.

4. Keep up with the news

Current affairs questions are a way of testing a candidate’s openness to the world. We must pay attention to economic, social, political news and especially to international news.

5. Manage your non-verbal communication

Look your interlocutors in the eye, stand up straight, smile… in short, pay attention to the image you send back during the interview. Professional attire is recommended.

A QUESTION about the new school year?

nadjet mennequin

Admissions Manager

Rentrée Décalée 1st year Post-Bac

+33 1 81 51 15 69 / +33 6 07 68 15 28

nathan kosmowski

Admissions Manager

Rentrée Décalée 1st year Post-Bac

Bachelor 3rd year

+33 1 40 59 31 06 / +33 6 70 26 11 15

carmen vilchez

Admissions Manager

Back to school Master of Science

+33 1 55 56 36 73 / +33 6 70 19 34 38

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Updated 10 May 2024