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Joining ESCE through Parallel Admission: one ENTRANCE exam, 7 sessions

As part of the AMBITIONS+ competition, you have the option of joining ESCE in the 3rd or 4th year of the Grande École program without an eligibility period.
You can choose one of the 7 sessions offered from January to September.

Admission is subject to the validation of :

  • 120 ECTS for admission to 3rd year
  • 180 ECTS for admission to 4th year

The competition is changing: file study, the written tests are remote and the oral test is face-to-face.

your admission procedure :

You have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a French diploma level Bac+2/+3

You have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a foreign diploma level bac+2/+3

international admissions, contact:

strong support

3rd year :

1 semester of refresher course on the fundamentals of international business

4th year :

Optional reinforcement on the fundamentals of management, management and economics.

Integrate ESCE into apprenticeship

The ESCE offers students in parallel admissions to join the school in an apprenticeship course.
Specificity of the ESCE, learning is accessible from the 3rd year !

  • The pace of learning in the 3rd year :
    1 school week / 2 company weeks (3-year contract in the same company).
  • The pace of learning in the 4th year :
    1 school week / 3 company weeks (2-year contract in the same company).

Integrate the ESCE in apprenticeship :

Integrate the ESCE as an initial

The strengths of classical training :

  • Compulsory university exchange in 4th year (among our 190 partner universities)
  • Cross-disciplinary double degrees possible with HEIP – ECE – SUP DE PUB

INITIAL specializations



ESCE emphasizes languages for an international career !

Mandatory LV1 :

  • English with 3h30 lessons per week face-to-face

Mandatory LV2 :

3rd year Classic or Apprenticeship :

  • German, Spanish, Italian: Beginner to advanced

4th year Classic :

  • German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian: intermediate or advanced
  • Spanish: beginner, intermediate or advanced

4th year apprenticeship :

  • Spanish : Beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • German : Beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Chineese : Beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Italian : Beginner, intermediate or advanced

LV3-LV4 Online :

  • 5 languages from beginner to advanced: English, Spanish, German, Italian, FLE
  • Introduction to another language – approximately 10 hours : Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese



Head of Grande Ecole Program Admissions
Parallel Admissions

+33 1 81 51 15 90 / +33 6 08 57 51 37


Updated 16 May 2023