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If you are passionate about European culture, then this track is for you.

The European Expert Track, a variation of the International Business Track, allows you to acquire solid skills in the management of international business.

It also offers specific lessons on European culture and economy as well as meetings with professionals working in or with this region of the world.

Moreover, at the end of the 1st year, during the summer, instead of doing an internship, you leave for a Summer School at a university in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal or Spain. A real international immersion from the 1st year in an ESCE partner university.

This EXPERT Track is offered in Paris or Lyon,

100% in French or 100% in English

Our partner universities in europe:


london campus

Located in the heart of London, this campus is ideal for perfecting your level of English and discovering the British capital.


Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, Berlin

German speakers, take part in this Summer school which will allow you to discover the teaching and culture within a prestigious German university and to work on your language level.


ISCTE, lisbon

A pioneer in the teaching of management and business sciences, this school offers you an ideal setting for learning or deepening the culture of the country and discovering the capital and its surroundings.


UAM, Madrid

Go to Spain as part of your Summer School and boost your level of Spanish through total immersion in the country’s capital.


university of almeria

Discover the University of Almeria, located in Andalusia, and boost your language level.

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Updated 5 December 2022