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registration fees

the annual registration fees for 2023/2024*

Annual registration fees for the staggered start of the school year – February 2023*

*An extra 490 euros to be added if you are a student living outside France and a non-EU citizen, relating to the service package for international students

The ESCE reserves the right to modify its registration fees each year.

finance my studies WITH A SCHOLARSHIP

state scholarships

As part of the Grande Ecole Program, students can apply for a State Higher Education Grant. To benefit from it, you must meet certain conditions of nationality, age and resources
and make your request no later than May.

The International Bachelor Program
does not allow you to receive State Grants. However, you can benefit from a discount on tuition fees if you are eligible for Crous.

merit scholarships

Depending on the grade obtained
in the baccalaureate , students of the Grande École Program or the International Bachelor Program are awarded a reduction on tuition fees for the first year of study :

  • Mention very good = reduction of -30%

via a student bank loan

As an ESCE student, you benefit from the advantageous conditions of our partner Caisse d’Epargne.

  • You can borrow up to €60,000, at the rate of 0.59%.

other possible discounts

Updated 3 January 2023