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Why do an internship in international trade?

It is necessary to have a broad knowledge of one’s professional environment, both on the human and technical aspects, in order to appear legitimate to employers on the job market.

An internship in international trade allows you to develop practical skills while enriching your general knowledge of the sector. It allows you to adapt to the rhythm of a dynamic company, to work in contact with experts, and to develop your network on an international scale, in order to better prepare for your integration into the working world. The internship is a guarantee of employability for future recruiters.

How to get an international trade internship?

For a student, finding an internship can be long and tedious. Some schools offer internships through a “career center”, but this represents a tiny minority of internship offers. So we have to look for them elsewhere:

  • A multitude of websites gather numerous offers in France and abroad.
    • offers hundreds of internship opportunities in all countries of the world. It is a reference in the field, and all professional fields are represented.
    • is a website specialized in the insertion of students into the job market. There are many modules of help and advice, especially for interviews and for the construction of their professional project. The internship offers cover Europe as well as the rest of the world.
    • defines itself as a “media dedicated to work” and lists French companies that offer internships and job offers. Mostly French, you can still find offers in several countries, such as the United Kingdom, Spain or Germany.

In addition to advice on how to succeed in your studies, the platforms provide hundreds of internship offers in a wide range of fields such as human resources, marketing, engineering or paramedical…

  • Although it may seem anecdotal, many exchange groups on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin gather various internship offers in international trade. Some companies only publish on these platforms to limit the number of applications. This requires a great reactivity and a constant follow-up to seize the right opportunity
  • There are also agencies that specialize in corporate internships to destinations of their choice. Organizations that charge for their services, including connecting trainees with professionals, supervising resumes and cover letters, preparing for job interviews, and paying for travel. This option can be very expensive, sometimes unreliable, and should only be an emergency solution after many unsuccessful attempts.

How do I make my CV to apply for an internship in international trade?

It is essential for the future recruiter that all the information is clear and limpid at first glance. Ideally, the information should fit on one page. Diplomas obtained, languages mastered, management of various computer tools, internships already completed and training, with detailed description of experience. In conclusion, even if it is not essential, the traditional category “interests and hobbies” allows the recruiter to target the candidate’s profile in more detail. You will find many templates, available for free, on platforms like

How to write a cover letter for an internship in international trade?

The purpose of a cover letter is to motivate the recruiter to meet you. An application for an internship should be made like a job application, combined with a CV. The choice of the object in the introduction allows us to immediately target the objective of the approach. The text must be concise, clear and direct, summarizing the course already completed, as well as the purpose of the application.

  • After the essential categories including name, address and place of residence, the first part will be a quick summary of the curriculum followed, as well as any training already completed. This allows the recruiter to situate the skills and aspirations of the candidate.
  • Second, it is always a good idea to explain why the student chose this company over another. The recruiter must sense the sincere desire to invest and learn, as well as the usefulness of this internship for him/her.
  • Finally, the candidate should highlight the qualities and skills that make him or her indispensable for this internship. Without being excessive, the candidate must know how to sell himself and inspire confidence in the recruiter. The conclusion is made with the traditional polite formulas, calling on the recruiter to contact them.

Internship in international trade: what job can you experience during your internship?

  • The import-export professions offer many internships and allow you to reinforce your knowledge of foreign languages and law, to affirm your taste for travel and new cultures through international exchanges and negotiation. An internship abroad remains a wise choice to maximize your learning.
  • The Marketing internship, because of the multiplicity of functions and outlets it offers, is a very enriching field for an intern. It is a sector in full expansion, in particular thanks to the arrival of digital technology and the desire of companies to build customer loyalty.
  • For a long time, transport and logistics have been little considered, because they are less rewarding and are aimed at low-skilled profiles. Today, they are experiencing a revival of interest thanks to the globalization of trade and the rapid rise of e-commerce.

How many languages are recommended for an international business internship?

Obviously, the field requires a good command of foreign languages. It is even a major asset to work in the field of international trade.

A minimum of two languages will be required for an internship. Learning new languages is never too much and can even help you stand out from the competition.

English, as a universal language, is obviously indispensable. Other languages are particularly recommended for negotiating and understanding trade. Among the most popular are Spanish, Mandarin, German and Portuguese.

Is it possible to do a work-study program in an international trade company?

It is possible to do a work-study program in an international trade company as part of a BTS (2 years) or Bachelor (3 years) in international trade. The mastery of at least two foreign languages will be required to join a company. The work-study program, which combines theoretical instruction and practical experience in a company, allows students to acquire the academic and relational knowledge required for the management, coordination and orientation of international trade relations. In addition, the work-study program allows students to benefit from a salary during their training, which makes it very popular.


Updated 18 April 2023