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Why do a bachelor’s degree in international business?

A bachelor’s degree in international business is a post-baccalaureate diploma at the Bac+3 level. It allows students to grasp all the notions of commerce, management, finance, marketing or communication on an international level.

The three-year program is generally bilingual in French and English. A second and third language may be offered, such as Arabic, Chinese, German or Spanish.

The Bachelor’s degree in International Business also offers the possibility of doing internships in companies in France or abroad in order to put the theoretical learning into practice.

What is the difference between a bachelor and a licence?

Bachelor’s degrees are awarded by French universities and bachelor’s degrees are awarded by private schools, such as business schools. Both programs last three years and are recognized by the State and companies. This vocabulary makes no difference in the student’s journey.

What is the curriculum and the subjects studied in a Bachelor in International Business?

Montessori at the heart of ESCE teaching

ESCE offers an innovative pedagogy through a Montessori program at the heart of teaching. The objective is to develop the creativity, motivation, curiosity and self-confidence of the students. To this end, ESCE offers courses in photography, public speaking, political science, and international business practices.

Foreign languages

Foreign languages are mandatory throughout the curriculum, given the international nature of the Bachelor’s degree. An English LV1 is imposed, and a LV2 of your choice is to be determined such as German, Chinese, Arabic or Spanish.

1st year: management concepts and tools

In the first year, the courses aim to teach students the concepts and tools of management applied to business. The program takes place at ESCE Paris, with a mandatory two or three month internship in France or abroad.

2nd year: concepts in multi-culturality and international relations

In the second year, ESCE offers the mastery of all the concepts of multi-culturality and international relations. The first semester is spent in London and the second in Paris. An optional internship in France or abroad is also encouraged.

3rd year: the field of specialization

In the third year, ESCE’s Bachelor in International Business offers to specialize in a particular field of expertise.

There are two tracks:

  • The classic program with a first semester in Paris and a second semester of six months of internship in France or abroad, or, two months on a campus in San Francisco and three months of internship in a company.
    The student can then select a field of specialization such as corporate finance, organizational management, international business or international luxury;
  • The apprenticeship program alternates between school and company during the two semesters. Possible specializations are digital marketing or business development.

Is it possible to enter a bachelor’s degree in international business just after the baccalaureate?

Yes, the Bachelor in International Business is a post-baccalaureate program.

What is the admission process for the Bachelor of International Business?

Admissions to the Bachelor of International Business are done outside of Parcoursup, upon presentation of an application and a motivation interview.

What are the eligibility requirements to enter a Bachelor’s degree in International Business?

The Bachelor’s degree in International Business delivers the RNCP Level 6 title (Bac + 3) for the Corporate Finance specialization.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • For the first year, students must hold a French baccalaureate or an equivalent international diploma;
  • For the second year, students must have obtained 60 ECTS credits at Bac+1;
  • For the third year, students must have obtained 120 ECTS credits at Bac+1.

Applicants will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Transcripts and diplomas obtained;
  • A CV and a cover letter;
  • A national identity document (identity card or passport).

Does the Bachelor in International Business at a business school allow for experience abroad?

Yes, the business school program offered by ESCE requires international experience either through teaching on partner campuses abroad (London and San Francisco), or in companies through internships or work-study programs.

What is the cost of a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at ESCE?

The price of the International Bachelor is 8 150 € for the first year.

What financial aid is available for the International Bachelor program at ESCE?

You can take advantage of various applicable discounts and scholarships:

  • a discount of 500 euros on the registration fee upon presentation of a certificate from the CROUS notifying eligibility for scholarships based on social criteria
  • a 30% discount on the1st year International Bachelor’s registration fee if you obtain a “very good” mention in your baccalaureate

Is it possible to do a work-study program during a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at ESCE?

Yes, in the third year, it is possible to do awork-study program in a company as part of the Bachelor’s degree in International Business. In this context, the tuition fees are paid by the company that hosts the student.


Updated 19 April 2023