What is a Goal in International Trade (TC)?

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What is an international trade GOAL (TC)?

The BUT international trade does not exist under this exact name. It is rather a University Bachelor of Technology called BUT Marketing Techniques. It is a national public diploma, carried out over 3 years giving the degree License. You can also find the name BUT Tech de Co. It succeeds the DUT which took place over 2 years. The BUT of commerce is recognized by the State and allows training in sales professions in the international field. The training revolves around three major areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sale
  • commercial communications

This training includes:

  • 2000 hours of teaching in industrial specialties
  • 1800 hours of teaching in tertiary specialties
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Practical work
  • 600 hours of tutored projects
  • 22 to 26 weeks of internship in a company

The BUT has 24 variations of professional sectors:

  • Social careers
  • Logistics and transport
  • Computer science
  • Trade
  • Engineering…

From the 3rd semester, 5 specialized courses are offered:

  • Digital Marketing course
  • Marketing and management course
  • International business course
  • Business development and management course
  • Brand and event strategy course

Why do an international trade GOAL (TC)?

The BUT is a multidisciplinary training, it combines practical, theoretical and professional teaching. The team intended to train the students is itself multidisciplinary. They are both teachers, teacher-researchers and professionals in the sector. This very complete approach to learning, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge, allows future graduates either to deepen their course (continuation of a Master’s degree or specialized training), or to enter directly into the labor market once the validated diploma. The BUT allows the acquisition of skills valued by companies. Thus, the graduate will be able to occupy many functions once inserted in the labor market:

  • Marketing assistant
  • Event project manager
  • Department manager
  • export wizard
  • Client portfolio manager
  • Commercial

What are Parcoursup’s expectations for integrating an international trade GOAL (TC)?

The various training courses following the Bac offered by business schools via Parcoursup are particularly selective. There are a number of national expectations in terms of skills, knowledge and behaviors to integrate a GOAL:

  • Written and oral expression. A rigorous use of the language is imperative to defend a precise argument and a project.
  • Foreign language proficiency. English first. Other languages are always welcome. It is a compulsory asset to express oneself, work and understand in an international context.
  • Have a good general culture. Be open-minded, master a wide range of subjects and know the social and political mechanisms of society.

According to certain formations, the expectation concerning certain specificities can be greater.

  • Very good level in math.
  • Mastery of scientific subjects, particularly in the field of engineering.
  • Knowledge of the digital environment and basic office automation
  • Deep interest in the international field

The evaluation of this knowledge is carried out via a file note, written tests as well as an oral motivation.

What are the alternatives to an international trade (TC) GOAL?

After a bac +2, students have the choice of attempting professional integration once the diploma has been obtained. They can also continue their studies, in particular with the BUT international trade. However, we can find alternatives or equivalents:

  • The BTS MUC (management of business units) provides many subjects such as:
    • Economy
    • French
    • Communication
    • Foreign languages
    • right
    • business relationship management
    • human resource
    • Management
    • Customer relationship

This course provides access to various professional positions in the commercial field. Thus, the candidate will have all the assets to become a seller of goods or services in specific sectors.

The field of real estate, mass distribution, banks particularly appreciates profiles from this sector, as their skills are numerous. Especially since 10 weeks of internships are necessary to validate your course. Enough to make the profiles quickly effective on the labor market.

This training can be carried out in a classic way or alternately

  • The BTS MCO (Operational Commercial Management) is also accessible after a Baccalaureate (general or Pro). It is the most requested BTS, so the competition will be great. The purpose of this course is to teach the management and development of a business unit. Internships of approximately 12 to 14 weeks are planned over the two years of training. This BTS promises a high level of professionalization, especially in work-study programs, and offers opportunities in many fields:
    • Assurance
    • Bank
    • Malls
    • Communication
    • Immobility
  • The BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitization of the customer relationship). This diploma prepares for customer relations in a global way. Still in BAC +2, the training introduces both general subjects and technical subjects. 4 major disciplines are mentioned
    • Organization and management of commercial activities
    • Production of commercial information
    • Implementation of a commercial policy
    • Sales and customer relationship management

16 weeks of internship in a company are necessary to validate his training.

What to do after an international trade GOAL (TC)?

BUT TC trains professionals in sales. At the end of their diploma, two possibilities are offered to candidates:

  • They will be able to occupy versatile commercial positions, enjoying a great deal of autonomy within service, distribution and commercial services companies. The employment spectrum is wide and covers many sectors:
    • Marketing assistant
    • Department manager
    • Commercial attaché
    • Insurance contract manager
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Customer service representative…
  • Integrating a Master’s degree at the University may be a possibility after the BUT TC. There are two types:
    • Master Research, it offers theoretical education and initiation to research. It concludes with the writing of a dissertation and is generally intended for a doctoral student.
    • The professional master is more established in the business world. It allows specialization in a specific field, in order to facilitate integration into the labor market after graduation.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Masters that a student can follow after a BUT TC marketing techniques:

  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Commerce
  • Master in Production and Purchasing Management
  • Master in Marketing
  • Master in Management Science


Updated 17 April 2023