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International trade is a growth sector. According to the World Bank, the total global volume of exports of goods and services in 2019 reached $24,795 billion, and imports reached $24,312 billion! International business schools are among the best post-baccalaureate training programs to enter the management or marketing of a large company, whether in France or abroad. Find out everything you need to know about international business school, subjects, opportunities and costs.

What is a business school specializing in international business?

A business school specializing in international business aims to train you in international business. International trade is defined as the exchange of goods or services between several countries of the world. International business schools train you in all the disciplines you need to master to follow a profession in the international business sector. They familiarize you with the international scene by including an academic stay, an internship or work experience abroad (for one or more semesters) and the teaching of at least two foreign languages, including English.

What does an international business course in a business school consist of?

International business school is one of the recommended courses of study for international business. Students who have graduated from Baccalaureate level students can choose to continue their studies with a Bachelor’s degree in an international business school (Baccalaureate level), or to obtain a Baccalaureate level diploma such as a BTS in International Business and to continue their studies with a Master’s degree in an international business school, with or without a sandwich course. This second option is often preferred if you wish to specialize, for example in International Marketing or International Business Law.

Business schools specializing in international trade offer a complete training to train students to :

  • import-export,
  • the creation of subsidiaries abroad,
  • foreign investment,
  • international law, etc.

This training will allow them to acquire the basics to be able to launch a business abroad, open a subsidiary or simply work in a multinational company.

International business school: what are the subjects taught?

In the International Business School, the subjects taught in courses can be for example:

  • business strategy,
  • lobbying and international affairs,
  • international trade negotiation,
  • geopolitics and international relations,
  • European markets,
  • international logistics,
  • marketing,
  • market research,
  • international finance,
  • international project engineering,
  • international and community business law,
  • European competition law,
  • the international economic environment…

What are the career opportunities following an international business course at a business school?

An education in international business offers many professional opportunities, depending on the degree and the specialization chosen. For example, you could work as an international development officer or international relations manager in a company, or as an import-export salesman.

With a specialization in international business law, you can work as an International Business Officer. You can also go freelance as an international business development consultant.

What are the different professions related to international trade?

The different jobs possible after an international business school are:

  • account manager
  • Product Manager
  • International Buyer or International Purchasing Manager
  • International Development Director
  • Client Manager
  • International business manager
  • International development consultant
  • Logistics Manager
  • Head of foreign subsidiaries
  • office manager
  • Head of export areas
  • Import-export director
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager

Are there any business schools with a specialization in international business in Paris?

There are international business schools in Paris, notably ESCE. It is therefore quite possible to move to Paris and follow a course of study in a Grande Ecole of Business with an international specialization.

Why do international trade?

Doing international business is one of the best options if you wish to orient your career towards the international arena, whether it be within a multinational company or within a French subsidiary of a foreign company. The skills you will have acquired during a course of study in an international business school will be highly sought after by recruiters for these positions.

Anyone who plans to pursue a career in business will be working internationally anyway, so a degree in international business is a great way to prepare for your future career without closing doors.

How much does a business school with an international business specialization cost?

A business school costs between €6,500 and €11,000 per year, and some business schools can cost up to €15,000 per year. For students admitted via parallel admissions, tuition fees can be as high as €17,000 per year (for each year of the Master’s program).

In addition to these tuition fees, you must also pay for housing in a university residence hall or private residence hall, shared accommodation, etc. You must also add the cost of the application form, transportation, educational material, computer, student insurance, and student association membership.

For an international business school, remember that you will also have to add the costs associated with studies, internships or work experience abroad. Check out our fees and programs now.

Updated 17 April 2023