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Why do a work-study program in international trade?

The advantages of international business in a sandwich course are numerous:

  • The work-study program in international trade allows students to acquire both theoretical knowledge andpractical application through in-company training in the field of international trade;
  • The costs related to the training are covered by the host company;
  • Once in the workforce, the student has a competitive advantage over their peers because they have solid work experience.

What is alternation?

The alternation program is designed for those who wish to learn about the professional world through practical experience in a company and theoretical training at school.
There are two types of contracts:

  • The professionalization contract: concluded between an employer and an employee and which makes it possible to offer a professional qualification to young people and adults;
  • The apprenticeship contract: concluded between an employer, a school and a student in order to help the latter obtain a state diploma.

What is international trade?

International trade is a broad term that defines all exchanges of goods and services between foreign countries. The jobs related to international trade are wide-ranging and can include marketing and communication, sales, supply chain, finance, development, legal and import/export functions.

How to get a work-study program in international trade?

There are several steps in order to obtain a work-study program in international trade:

  • Select the training that suits your expectations and that allows you to study closely the issues of international trade;
  • The future student must apply for the desired program and submit a complete file on a platform dedicated to this purpose with the grades and assessments obtained previously or write a letter of motivation. Oral and written examinations may be offered;
  • At the same time, it is essential to find a relevant company that can accommodate the student in the conditions requested by his school – consistency of the position, planning and rhythm, salary and salary conditions.
    In this context, the future student will have to apply for work-study offers, conduct interviews and, once the company has been found, sign a tripartite contract with the school and the company.

Does ESCE offer a work-study program in international business?

ESCE offers a Grande Ecole programin international business that allows students to do work-study during the last year of their bachelor’s degree and the two years of their master’s degree. Depending on your level of study, you can apply through a digital platform and by submitting a file. An oral and written competition is usually offered to students.

Once the application has been validated, the student must find a company willing to take him or her on and train him or her in a work-study program. ESCE assists its students in this regard and drafts the contract, specifying the hours, salary, job and missions, as well as the pace and duration of the work-study program.

How do I make my CV to apply for a work-study program in international trade?

For a successful resume, there are several recommendations:

  • The form with a CV of one A4 page clear, sober, concise and without grammatical and vocabulary typos;
  • The content must be adapted to international trade. Typically, the student benefits from modest experiences. It seems important to highlight any exchanges abroad, extracurricular activities, associative involvement or any other element that will allow the recruiter to better understand the student and his or her relevance to a position in international trade. The emphasis on the practice of foreign languages is always a differentiating factor. The recruiter may sometimes ask for a CV in English, especially if the company is based internationally;
  • Personalization by recalling at the top of the CV the position and the company for which the student is applying;
  • Practical information by noting the school, the pace and the duration of the work-study program at the top of the CV. For example : “Application : 1 year work-study – ESCE, 1 day school / 4 days company”.

How to write a cover letter for a work-study position in international trade?

It is recommended for a successful cover letter:

  • The form with a letter written on an A4 page, without spelling mistakes, the information should be up to date with a sober and modern design;
  • The content is relevant to international business, highlighting the theoretical knowledge offered by the school and the experience gained through internships, student employment or associative experiences. The emphasis on foreign languages and exchanges will always be an additional asset. A cover letter in English may be requested by the recruiter;
  • Personalization is an essential point, the student will have to adapt his letter according to the coherence of the degree in which he evolves in perspective with the targeted position. Recruiters expect the candidate to succinctly explain in writing what he or she understands about the position and the missions, and what he or she knows about the company in which he or she wishes to work;
  • Practical information indicating the school, the duration of the work-study program, the rhythm and the schedule.

International trade internship: what job can you aim for?

The jobs offered by international trade are numerous, and the work-study program allows the student to justify a significant professional experience between 1 and 3 years compared to students who have only done 6 months of internship. Positions considered may be those of:

  • Sales Manager;
  • Marketing manager ;
  • Purchasing Attaché ;
  • Logistics Manager;
  • Import/export manager ;
  • Development Director;
  • Director of International Relations.


Updated 19 April 2023