Bachelor’s degree in international trade: opportunities, prices, program

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What is a Bachelor in International Business?

A Bachelor’s degree in international trade is a BAC +3 level diploma. It aims to prepare students for commercial activities at an international level. The training is divided into two theoretical lessons: lectures and professional education. The year is itself divided into five distinct teaching programs:

  • International business environment
  • Approach to international markets
  • International operations management
  • Tutored projects
  • Company internship

Students are subject to continuous assessment as well as partials at the end of each semester. Candidates will study subjects as varied as they are complementary, such as:

  • Management
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Business Development
  • Negotiation
  • International sales networks
  • commercial law

To access a degree in international trade, a student must first complete a course over two years. It can be:

  • A BTS international trade: in initial training or work-study, in a private educational establishment. Holders of this diploma obtain a solid background in basic fields for their future employment, foreign languages, communication, international economics as well as international trade techniques.
  • From a DUT: the validation will be done in a continuous control, through an IUT (University Institute of Technology). This diploma offers professional training more oriented towards the technological field, combining theory and practice.

Is it possible to do a degree in international trade in Paris?

Accessible by the Universities, the License allows the candidates who follow it to acquire a solid mastery of essential subjects in the field of international exchanges. The choice to carry out his training in Paris can prove to be judicious. The city is the economic capital of the country and holds a prominent place in international trade.

You will find many establishments offering this course, with various specificities relating to each one. At least one semester abroad is required. This will be done through other partner universities. Paris offers many establishments to complete your Bachelor’s degree:

  • the ECSE. In the heart of the 15th arrondissement, the ESCE group offers a 12,000 m2 campus, offering a modern and varied infrastructure.
    • 60 classrooms fully equipped with multimedia equipment
    • Amphitheaters has capacity for 400 students
    • Wi-Fi workspaces
    • Catering area
    • Relaxation area including student hostels, associations and student office
  • ESCCI trains future executives and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, luxury marketing, international relations and communication. The school offers 6 post-baccalaureate specializations, including the Bachelor’s degree, as well as the possibility of carrying out exchange semesters in 120 partner schools abroad.
  • The American Business school. The spirit of initiative is at the heart of the course. The establishment offers seminars, interactive courses, individual coaching and work placements. Support for students is carried out until professional integration.

Why do a degree in international trade?

The degree in international trade is an excellent way to acquire the skills necessary to access the various trades in the sector. The enthusiasm of students for the sector can be explained by the numerous openings and the possibility of exercising a career abroad.

The different subjects of the course (foreign languages, marketing, law, economics, etc.) are put in place to build a real culture in the field and master all international issues.

The sector being in full expansion, the License promises rapid professional integration, with average salaries well above normal.

What are the opportunities for a degree in international trade?

The advantage of obtaining a license lies in the number of fields of activity it covers. In addition to the semester abroad organized by the institutions, the programs provide candidates with a wide range of skills. Holders will then have access to many branches of activity:

  • International Business Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Import/Export Director
  • Marketing director
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Consultant
  • International buyer
  • Auditor in a business consulting firm
  • area manager

Does ESCE offer a degree in international trade?

The ESCE does not strictly speaking offer a License. The school offers a Bachelor’s degree.

The license is a national diploma issued after an undergraduate training in a French establishment.

The bachelor, on the other hand, offers an orientation focused on professionalization, with longer and more immersive internship periods. The two diplomas are carried out in 3 years and are recognized by companies.

What is the program of the International Business degree at ESCE?

ESCE’s 3-year post-baccalaureate program mainly aims to train competent managers, capable of working in an international context. The International Bachelor offers several courses, some of which are taught entirely in English. The use of foreign languages in pedagogy promotes adaptability to the international context.

  • In the first year, the objective will be to understand the concepts of management, to know the different economic and political environments, as well as all the legal aspects related to the sector. A 3-month internship will be required, in France or abroad
  • In the second year, emphasis will be placed on international ethical and economic issues in a multicultural environment. A study semester in London or a 3-month internship in France or abroad is part of the program.
  • The third year will mainly center the subject around management and its main tools, in parallel with the study of the specification. The program offers an international development or work-study internship, in order to best prepare for its integration into the job market.

What are the eligibility criteria for a license in international trade?

To access the License:

  • Candidates must hold a general baccalaureate L, S, ES or Pro.
  • Validation will be done after studying the files, and after having carried out a preliminary oral interview.

Above all, institutions want to see the candidate’s motivation, open-mindedness, good business sense and language skills.

Are there possibilities of exchanges abroad within the framework of the license in international trade?

International exchanges within the framework of the License are particularly encouraged. Indeed, an international experience facilitates the integration of the different subjects studied, in particular languages. It prepares the student as well as possible to understand all the codes of the international context, in situ, and facilitates entry into a Master’s degree. 40 percent of undergraduate students go abroad during their studies. With equal skills, we favor a student who has chosen mobility.

These exchanges of practices take place with partner universities, or via Erasmus. The host establishments are largely experienced in the exercise, and able to offer the student an enriching and decisive experience for their training.

ESCE offers a choice of 190 partner universities or 3 campuses abroad (San Francisco, Shanghai and London). Trips are made in limited numbers to facilitate integration and learning about the local culture.


Updated 17 April 2023