What is the salary of a business engineer after the master?

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A business engineer, after obtaining a master’s degree in business engineering, can expect a high salary. Indeed, the salary of a business engineer is among the highest in the commercial field. This salary is commensurate with the responsibilities that await him.

What is the average salary of a business engineer after graduating with a master’s degree?

The job of business engineer is among the most lucrative in the commercial sector. The average salary of a business engineer is €51,000 gross per year. This salary is divided into €13,000 variable and €4,250 gross per month. In addition to these fixed salaries, a business engineer may earn additional bonuses, depending on performance.

This high salary is explained by the fact that even if he is a salesman, a business engineer has a double technical and commercial competence. He is able to propose complex solutions to a portfolio of clients. To do so, he relies on his expertise in his product line as well as his sharp sales sense.

What factors affect the salary of a business engineer?

In practice, especially for executives, the salary of a business engineer can change depending on the location. Indeed, the cost of living is higher in some cities than in others, so an adjustment can be put in place by the company that employs him. For example, a business engineer working in the capital earns between 7 and 15% more than his or her counterparts working in the regions or in a less populated city.

In addition, the size and commercial strength of a company are two elements that play a role in the salary of a business engineer. Obviously, the larger the company and the more recognized the business, the higher the salary. This increase can be as much as 40% more than the average salary for the most prestigious companies.

Is it possible for a business engineer to get a significant salary increase during his or her career?

Like all other engineers, the degree of qualification acquired, together with the responsibilities that come with the profession, guarantee a high salary for a business engineer, right from school.

Thus, after 3 years of experience, his or her remuneration can be upgraded from €60,000 to €70,000 per month.

With 5 years of experience and more, the salary continues to increase and can reach up to 90 000 € gross monthly. This figure can be much higher, depending on the company and the missions entrusted to it. Over the years, compensation has risen indefinitely. Moreover, a variable part is increasingly common, which can constitute up to 15% of the remuneration.

Are there differences in salary between business engineers working for private companies and those working for public companies?

Depending on the multitudes of possible specializations, the average salary of a business engineer can vary significantly from one industry to another, both in the public and private sectors.

Also, as explained above, there is a gap between the salaries of a business engineer, as his or her compensation is made up of a fixed income and a variable based on the objectives targeted. Moreover, in large private groups, the salary of a business engineer can reach a salary equivalent to that of a department manager.

However, there may be significant salary disparities for the same experience and education, depending on the area of expertise and the industry, regardless of the type of company. Thus, the energy sector, with its high technical added value, stands out from the rest, with a strong upward trend in remuneration.

What are the possible career paths for a business engineer?

Under the leadership of the sales manager, a business engineer may move into the marketing, purchasing or logistics sectors. Thus, he or she can become a purchasing manager or a marketing manager. If he wants to take on international responsibilities, he can apply for a position as an export sales manager.

Internally, the career development of a business engineer is done in a transversal way, to tend towards a commercial function, a buyer or in technical studies. He can also expand his scope of action, taking on other projects and clients of increasing importance. Also, he/she may have direct responsibility for one or more business engineers, to become a department manager or operations manager.
After more than 10 years as a business engineer, he or she can move into a management position, to become a sales manager or even a sales director. Also, a business engineer can change companies and sectors of activity, to evolve in terms of remuneration and responsibilities.

Updated 21 April 2023