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The wide range of opportunities offered by a business school leads many students to choose this program in order to succeed professionally. However, not all business schools offer the same quality of education. It is therefore crucial to entrust your future to qualified experts, such as ESCE Paris.

What is a business school?

A business school is an institution where students are trained to become specialists in business, marketing and management. According to statistics, there are more than 200 business schools in France, the majority of which offer specializations that enable young students to work effectively in the companies that recruit them. The positions to be filled can be in France, but also outside the country.

It should be noted that business schools and universities have many differences, adopting their own principles and operations. Business schools are unique in that they are more practically oriented. The main objective is to ensure that thestudent masters a given subject completely, while ensuring that he or she has a stable professional situation afterwards.

Why go to a business school in Paris?

First of all, many French business schools are among the world’s elite. A large majority of them are in Paris. The country has a dynamic economy rich in opportunities.

In 2014, it was the third largest country in Europe and the second in the Eurozone. The list of leading French companies is growing, covering a wide range of different sectors.

France, and particularly Paris, is considered one of the world’s fashion centers. It is also the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products and services, one of the world’s largest investors in research and development, and a world leader in telecommunications.

If you do not wish to work in a company in France after your training, business schools in Paris can, nevertheless, help you find a position corresponding to your degreeabroad.

Why join ESCE, a Parisian business school?

If ESCE has been able to establish itself as a leader in its sector since its creation in 1968, it is only thanks to the quality of its training. In a few sentences, ESCE is made up of 2international campuses, 180 partner universities around the world and more than ten thousand alumni networks.

The school allows students to study in alternating years for those who wish tointegrate more easily into the life and culture of the company. In addition, the school is constantly innovating and strives to be up to date with the evolution of technology and the current needs of businesses.

Thanks to the many specializations that the school offers, it will be easier for students to come up with creative and innovative ideas, contributing to the development of companies. The school places particular emphasis on the spirit of analysis and synthesis, which are among the key points that encourage students to reflect on the challenges of today’s business and marketing world. ESCE not only trains and delivers a diploma, but also takes the time to support its graduates until they achieve professional stability.

How to get into a business school in Paris?

To integrate a business school in Paris, you have several options:

The prep class

If you wish to enter a post-prepa business school, you must pass a competitive exam. The school you choose may offer you a group competition or admission tests.

This kind of competition requires rigor and work. It is therefore recommended that you find out about the preparatory class program beforehand in order to avoid any regrets.

A business school after the baccalaureate

It is quite possible toenter a business school directly after graduating from high school. It is particularly recommended for students who wish to become professional quickly.

In this case, business schools offer specialized post-baccalaureate programs : bachelor’s degrees giving a bac+3 level, BBAs, five-year programs to obtain a bac+5, the EGC Bachelor’s competition or the Ecricome Bachelor’s competition.

Parallel Admission

Also called “admissions on title”, parallel admission is suitable for students with a BTS, a DUT or a university degree.

How much does a business school in Paris cost?

The price of a business school in Paris varies from one institution to another. A school costs about 12 000 € for a year. The cost can be slightly different depending on the school’s reputation and the type of course offered. For a Bachelor’s degree, for example, count on €7,500 per year, compared to €10,000 for a five-year program . Generally, the annual cost of tuition is higher for post-preparatory schools than for post-bac schools.

What programs does ESCE offer on its Paris campus?

ESCE offers 4 main programs.

Grande Ecole Program

During this course, students will learn the fundamentals of management and will benefit from a high level of qualification. Thestudent will have the choice of 12 specializations.

ESCE Double Degrees

This is an opportunity for students who wish to study at another institution and benefit from double degrees. ESCE offers about 20 double degreesabroad.

International Bachelor ESCE – Campus Paris

After completing this 3-year post-baccalaureate program, you will have all the necessary business, marketing and management skills to work effectively with aninternational company.

MSc – Master of Science BAC +5

Master cultural heritage management, green digital purchasing, and international business development with this curriculum. You will benefit from several months of internship and training in a foreign language of your choice, other than the language of instruction: English.

What are the opportunities of a business school in Paris?

After graduating from a business school in Paris, a multitude of job options are available. Here are some of them:

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers help oversee a company’s marketing campaigns and coordinate the efforts of employees.

Head of medical and health services

Medical and health services managers manage various types of health facilities and work to maximize the quality of services while minimizing costs.

management consultant

Management consultants support companies at a critical point in their development, or faced with major obstacles.

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Updated 17 April 2023