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The majority of students know and use the Parcoursup platform. However, there are other courses outside of this platform that can help you prepare for the entrance exam to a business school you want.

What is Parcoursup?

Parcoursup replaces the APB (Admission Post-Bac) portal. This is the orientation platform that the Ministry ofHigher Education has set up to efficiently manage the requests of future students in publichigher education.

Thanks to this website, students and high schools can access numerous training programs for high school graduates in France. Access to these courses may or may not be selective. It is also possible to change your degree via this platform, even if the course has already started.

You can make wishes on Parcoursup, whether you are a high school student, an apprentice or a first-year student changing careers.

It is important to know that foreign applicants cannot register on Parcoursup, even if they wish to study in France. On the other hand, a non-European Union citizen can only apply for specific courses:

  • diploma of accounting management;
  • preparatory class for the grandes écoles and BTS.

Why are some business schools outside Parcoursup?

The Ministry strongly encourages schools to go through Parcoursup and the site itself is an opportunity to become visible. However, many structures decide to recruit outside the platform.

First of all, business schools want more flexibility and freedom in setting their calendar. On the other hand, some of the requests required by the platform to its members are not always useful to everyone. This is, for example, the case with the recognition of the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI). Indeed, it is not essential for any school wishing to train computer engineers. Sometimes, massive promotions are not the priority of some schools, contrary to what the platform offers. If a student wishes to inquire and apply, going directly to the school’s website may be faster. This allows the school itself to recruit at any time of theyear, without any constraints.

What are the advantages of applying to a business school outside of Parcoursup?

Although Parcoursup offers many advantages, it does not discredit the courses outside the platform.

Applying to a business school outside of Parcoursup allows students to save time, decide for themselves, and feel secure. Responses are faster and more concise when the request is sent directly to the school’s website or via its email address.

In addition, finding the best program can take time on Parcoursup, and the majority of business schools organize their own admission competitions . Candidates are selected through written tests, oral interviews or file selection. These procedures do not require Parcoursup. If you want to apply to a business school without going through Parcoursup, start by identifying schools that offer selective courses.

What are the disadvantages of applying to a business school outside of Parcoursup?

If you are applying to a business school without going through Parcoursup, you cannot mention several registration wishes. On the platform, you can enter up to ten training wishes. Grouped wishes allow a student to transmit his or her desire to pursue a business degree in his or her academic region. At the same time, he/she can select several universities by displaying them as sub-wishes. This option is not available when applying outside of Parcoursup.

How to apply to a business school outside of Parcoursup?

When applying to a business school outside of Parcoursup, staggered start dates are offered. These allow you to avoid choosing courses by default, which happens to some students who have not been able to formulate their wishes on the platform.

Some business schools recruit in the middle of theyear when places are available. You have to have a solid record. You need to be prepared at all times, as competitions can occur early in theyear, around January or February.

Do not hesitate to contact the school directly via its website. Start by learning about the admission process. Register for the contest if all the conditions are right for you.

The business school contacted may request a certificate of non-registration for Parcoursup in order to complete the administrative registration. In this case, you will only have to download it from the Parcoursup website.

How to apply to ESCE?

Specialized in the training of young executives in international business , ESCE is a pillar.

Visit their website and go to the “Admission” section. You will find all the information you need about the competitive exams, admissions and the application process, whether it is the Sésame or Ambitions+ exam. Download the brochure corresponding to your needs:

  • 1st year Grande École Program: make your wishes on Parcoursup, pay the registration fees and take the competitive exam;
  • Ambitions+ competition: one competition, 7 sessions;
  • Bachelor’s degree: outside ParcourSup, by evaluation of the application file.

Is it possible to apply to ESCE Business School at any time?

Some programs allow enrollment at any time. This is notably the case for the ESCE International Bachelor. Registration is done outside of Parcoursup and takes place at any time of theyear. After reviewing your application, the school will contact you for an interview.

ESCE’s Grande École Program via international admissions is more or less limited, but competitive exams are held on flexible dates throughout theyear.

It is also open to foreigners who wish to study in France. In this case, students will only have to apply on the school’s official website and organize their stay early.

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Updated 17 April 2023