What is a Bachelor?

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The Bachelor’s degree is one of the many programs offered by business schools. This training attracts most students because of the many benefits they can enjoy after the Bachelor’s degree. However, if you are thinking of doing a Bachelor’s degree, you should first know what it really consists of: what is a Bachelor’s degree?

In summary:


  • Is a program found in business schools.
  • Allows you to start an international career.
  • Generally obtained in 3 years after the Bac.
  • Gives access to many specializations according to the schools’ proposals.
  • Allows you to continue your studies in Master.

What is a Bachelor?

A Bachelor’s degree is a program that business and specialized schools offer to their students. This is a training program that is directly accessible after the Bac.

Throughout the Bachelor’s program, you will generally receive theoretical courses. However, you also do a lot of practical training, which is what makes the Bachelor’s program so special. Therefore, the Bachelor’s degree is considered to be a professional training.

The Bachelor’s degree is also a program with a wide variety of specializations. Indeed, each school can set up its own programs. The point is to know which one is best for you.

Finally, the Bachelor’s program is designed to be operational internationally. The language of instruction may therefore be English. In addition, other languages can be added to your subjects throughout the course.

Why do a Bachelor ?

A Bachelor’s degree may be the best option for you depending on what you are looking for in your professional career. Here are some reasons to do a Bachelor’s degree:

  • The Bachelor’s degree is designed to allow students to work on an international level, so opt for this training if you wish to work on this scale;
  • A Bachelor’s degree requires 3 years of study after the Bac. However, after your studies, you will be able to work directly in a company. This is because of the experience you gained during your studies;
  • A Bachelor’s degree is also a way for you to pursue a Master’s degree at a university within a business school. Thus, you significantly strengthen your specialization.

How many years does it take to obtain a Bachelor’s degree?

You generally have to complete 3 years of study after the Bac to obtain your Bachelor’s degree. However, you can enter the program with a Bac +1 or a Bac +2. This is done by selection of files or by competitive examination depending on the school’s organization.

In terms of years, the Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a Licence which also requires 3 years of study. However, your abilities at the end of the course are quite different. In fact, after your years of study in a Bachelor’s program, you can go directly to the job of your dreams. Especially since the experience you have already acquired during your studies encourages recruiters considerably.

In what fields is it possible to do a Bachelor’s degree?

There are many Bachelors that aim to train you for the wide variety of professions present in the professional world. The schools obviously offer a variety of Bachelor’s programs.

Thus, we can find, within the schools, Bachelor programs in marketing, engineering, management and business. However, other schools also teach human resources, communication or management. Therefore, it is best to first determine the field you are passionate about before choosing your school.

What to do after a Bachelor’s degree?

The logical continuation ofa Bachelor’s degree is obviously the Master’s degree. You can undertake this by joining a university or continuing your studies at your school if possible.

Pursuing a Master’s degree obviously has its advantages. In this respect, you will support your specialization with even more in-depth studies. A Bachelor’s degree, where you prepare for your professional integration, and a Master’s degree, which increases your knowledge, offer you even more interesting opportunities.

Which Bachelor’s degree to choose at ESCE?

If you decide to do a Bachelor’s degree, chooseESCE for your training. With us, you can choose between 5 specializations in our International Bachelor program: International Business, Corporate Finance, International Luxury Management, Organizational Management, Marketing & Business Development.

In addition, it is important to remember that all the Bachelors programs offered by ESCE allow you to work internationally. If you would like to know more about this, please visit our FAQ section.

Updated 20 April 2023