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The Organizational Management course has the advantage of being

the most generalist of all the International Bachelor specializations.

It allows students to develop professional and cross-disciplinary skills in various fields such as entrepreneurship, international management, finance and

digital marketing, while allowing third-year students to acquire strategic skills.

The various subjects are well balanced so that students can envisage continuing their studies in a specialized field as well as taking on managerial and operational functions in different structures.

This specialization is offered only as an initial course,
in French 🇫🇷

The specialization in organizational management is also offered in the off-season

specific skills developed

  • Organize the commercial strategy on a geographical area
  • Implement a marketing strategy in a competitive situation
  • Define the economic model and business plan of a company
  • Lead an innovation project for the deployment of a product or service

business debouchers

The generalist course in organizational management offers
the possibility of holding managerial positions within the company
companies in different sectors or to create its own structure:

  • Contractor
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Consultant in organizational management
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager


  • Entrepreneurship project
  • Company strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business plan

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Updated 4 February 2022