Why do a bachelor in marketing?

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Most businesses and organizations prioritize their marketing efforts in a digital world. As a result, qualified marketing professionals are increasingly in demand. Earning a degree in marketing is very helpful for students who want to open up to different career opportunities.

Why do a bachelor in marketing?

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is a great alternative for aspiring marketing professionals. They offer a broader perspective of the business world. This gives students access to a wide range of career opportunities.

A degree in marketing opens up many jobs in many fields. These offer growth potential. The program also enables high-performing employees to move into more responsible roles later in life.

How can a bachelor’s degree in marketing help launch a career in marketing?

A bachelor’s degree in marketing provides the necessary foundational training in the areas of marketing research. He also offers training in social media marketing and advertising strategies. These programs enable graduates to compete for a variety of in-demand roles in public and private environments.

Marketing students study various concepts. Among other things, they learn about pricing strategies, consumer behavior, and competitive research.

They also learn business skills through courses in business administration, management, finance and accounting. Some programs incorporate real-world projects and internships to help build marketing skills.

What types of courses are taught in a bachelor’s degree program in marketing?

By obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing, students acquire fundamental skills. They can also gain advanced knowledge of customer relations, market research, and effective strategies to attract new customers.

Topics learners can expect to cover include:

  • organizational behavior;
  • marketing project management;
  • research and marketing reports;
  • digital advertising;
  • contemporary issues within marketing.

What are the skills acquired during a bachelor’s degree in marketing?

A Bachelor’s degree in marketing offers advanced training in marketing research, strategic marketing and marketing management. During a marketing program, students strengthen their analytical and research skills. Depending on the program, they may also complete internships to gain practical experience.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of a bachelor’s degree in marketing?

A bachelor’s degree in marketing prepares graduates for many entry-level positions, such as marketing specialist and market research analyst. With experience, holders of this degree can advance to management positions.

A degree in marketing can lead to exciting careers in consumer retail. It also helps to meet business needs, raise awareness and manage brands. Students can earn marketing degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s or even master’s level.

Many institutions also offer marketing certificates that provide specialized training. Each degree prepares graduates for different marketing-related jobs. Marketers are generally required to have a license. Many marketing managers have a master’s degree.

Graduates may pursue careers as:

  • marketing managers;
  • social media managers;
  • digital marketing managers.

Sales managers are the main contact between the brand and the customer. They must organize sales to demonstrate and present the brand’s product in order to expand the potential customer base.

Product marketers are responsible for the brand’s product from production to introduction. They need to make sure that the product or service is making good sales.

Which bachelor’s degree in marketing to study at ESCE?

ESCE, an international business school, offers you the opportunity to join the International Bachelor specializing in Marketing & Business Development. This 3-year course prepares you for the professions of Business Developer, Business Manager, Sales Manager or Development Manager. It is intended for students who want to discover the particularities of digital marketing and sales. It is also possible to join the International Marketing Management specialization, which prepares students for all marketing professions.
Upon completion of the program, students are free to continue their studies with a Master’s degree in marketing.

Updated 24 April 2023