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Are you about to choose a path for your higher education? Between the multitude of training courses and establishments that exist, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. However, it is recommended to follow a certified training, such as an RNCP training. Find out everything you need to know about it.

What does an RNCP training consist of?

RNCP stands for Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles. This is a list of training courses validated by the CNCP or Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle. This means that an RNCP training course is registered and thus benefits from state recognition.

To be RNCP certified, the training must meet the requirements of the professional world. In other words, students who have completed the program can hold a position in line with the course of study. This evaluation is based on at least 2 promotions.

The RNCP title is granted to a given course, not to the institution. It is also regularly updated to allow new memberships. As a directory, the RNCP is presented in the form of descriptive sheets. You will be able to see detailed information about a given course.

Why take a training course registered with the RNCP?

Following a training program registered with the RNCP is a way to comply with employers’ expectations. Indeed, a certified training is above all of quality, having followed an evaluation process. Having this type of certification will help you enter the job market, since it attests to your qualifications and skills.

Moreover, it allows you to apply for a position that is really at your level.

Which RNCP training to choose?

The RNCP title is accessible to all fields. In particular, it is open to national diplomas as well as to any other professional training. The choice therefore depends on your career prospects and your preferred field. Among the RNCP certified training courses, we can mention

  • Management of organizations, oriented towards digital marketing, finance and entrepreneurship;
  • Management in the field of luxury, aiming to familiarize you in the marketing of luxury;
  • international business, allowing you to accompany companies in their development. It is also a question of mastering the concepts of international trade, mainly customs procedures;
  • marketing and international development, to help you develop a commercial strategy;
  • corporate finance. It touches on the financial side of the business, i.e. you contribute to increasing its value. The course is based on the mastery of management and accounting.

How to finance your RNCP training?

Different means of financing generally allow you to follow an RNCP training, namely :

  • own financing: this means that you are responsible for the entire cost.
  • scholarships, which help pay for part of your tuition. Institutions such asESCE give you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to finance your studies. As the name implies, the merit scholarship is awarded to baccalaureate graduates. It finances 20 to 30% of the tuition fees, depending on the grade obtained in the exam;
  • Student loans : some schools have partnerships with financial organizations that allow you to access financing more easily. It is even possible to benefit from preferential rates or deferred repayment. However, it is still essential to have a guarantor;
  • the CPF or personal training account: it is used by employees and those registered on the job center to finance part of the tuition fees. However, the CPF is capped at €5,000. This means that you may need to combine it with another source of funding.

Is it possible to follow an RNCP course at a distance?

The objective of an RNCP training is to help you become a professional, it is flexible. It is therefore possible to follow an initial training at a distance. In this case, it is necessary to train in a connected facility and to have the right equipment yourself. However, it is possible that some of the training will take place at a distance.

What are the different levels of RNCP training?

The courses are divided into 6 levels equivalent to a diploma. It should be noted that they have recently undergone a change and are now distributed as follows:

  • level 3: equivalent to the CAP, accessible before the baccalaureate (former level V);
  • level 4: equivalent to the baccalaureate (former level IV);
  • level 5: equivalent to a Bac+2 level, i.e. a BTS or DUT diploma (former level III);
  • Level 6: equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree (former level II);
  • level 7: equivalent to Bac+5 or Master and MBA level (former level I);
  • level 8: equivalent to Bac+8 doctorate.
Updated 19 April 2023