Which school should you choose for your post-bac orientation?

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Faced with the multitude of choices of institutions offering post-bac orientation, students must make a serious selection. Find here several details to help you make your choice. Depending on your intended career and preferences, choose the ideal institution to help you with your post-bac orientation.

Post-bac orientation: what are the types of institutions where to follow a higher education?

For your information, a higher education program includes all study cycles after the baccalaureate. As you can see, the choice is wide. If you have already found a course of study during your orientation, you will be able to easily find the ideal school. If not, find out here what types of facilities are available to you.

High Schools

Many students believe that high school ends after graduation. However, some high schools offer very interesting specializations. Currently, high schools in France offer an average of 13 specialties. More and more young people are interested in art and scientific specialties.

If you want to specialize in a subject that you have a passion for, you need to check with your school first. The specialties mentioned are only indicative. In any case, high schools are not obliged to offer all these courses.


Universities are very interesting in terms of access. Their cost is accessible to all, without affecting the quality of education. Also, enrollment is done without the need for interviews or difficult competitive exams for a first year post-bac.

Offering many different types of education, the university gives you the opportunity to really grow. For a more modern education, you can integrate an IUT, IUP or IAE. You can also choose a correspondence or work-study program. In any case, you will be able to enter the professional world without any problems at the end of your course.

Private schools

Private schools are known for training elites. That’s why these schools only offer key courses. Business and management schools are an example. To follow such a training, the best would be to choose a great school like ESCE. You will then benefit from all the support you need.

Programs vary greatly depending on your goals. However, you will still have a BTS, Bachelor, and Master degree. Also, you will have a better chance of working internationally at the end of your course.

Which school should you choose for your post-bac orientation when you want to do short studies?

The procedures to follow are quite simple for short studies. High schools, universities and private schools all offer two or three year courses depending on your goals. In a high school, for example, you can get your BTS in two years. For three-year courses such as a bachelor’s degree, a BUT or a licence, business schools are open to you.

Settlement is rarely a concern. When choosing, focus on your comfort level during your graduate studies. Take into account the pace of life that the institution imposes on you. Consider the benefits of applying to a graduate school near you.

Your specialization is also to be taken into account. If you want to succeed in the world of business, for example, you’d better choose a professional. Instead of attending a university, opt for a grande école like ESCE. Its program content is more relevant to the job market in the sector.

Which school should I choose for my post-baccalaureate studies?

For long term studies, universities and grandes écoles are the best options. By choosing a business school for example, you can aim for a master’s degree which is the equivalent of 5 years of study. You will even be able to continue beyond that if you still have time.

The advantage of institutions that are suitable for long-term studies is the quality of the training. Understanding your need to be professional at all costs, the schools offer a program that promotes your independence. That way, you’ll be ready to go, no matter what level you stopped at along the way.

Postbac orientation: which school to choose for international business studies?

A grande école such as ESCE is more suitable for studies in international business. Specialized in the field for several years, she knows the need of the sector. Consequently, the content of the training courses is adapted to this need. Thanks to the institution’s networks, the integration of graduates into the professional world is easier.
At every stage of their studies, students have a choice. They can choose between a two-year, three-year or five-year pathway. At the4th year level, the student can choose to study in France or to spend a semester abroad.

Updated 21 April 2023