What are the courses of the Master in Business Engineering?

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ESCE, École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur, offers a variety of courses, including a master’s degree in business engineering. This training is for students who have a Bac +3. It is offered as an apprenticeship and entirely in French. It is open to French and international students.

What does the Master in Business Engineering at ESCE consist of?

The Master of Business Engineering is designed for students with a business background in a variety of fields. These can be industrial business, computer science, artificial intelligence, without the list being exhaustive.

The Master of Business Engineering program offers courses and instruction in business development. It encompasses a wide range of skills to develop sales, lead a team of sales people and ensure financial targets.

ESCE’s Master’s in Business Engineering is a Grande Ecole program. At ESCE, the business engineering specialization provides commercial expertise in selling solutions to companies. It also allows you to adopt a strategic vision of business development, in order to master the methods and tools that are essential for daily performance.

What are the courses of the Master in Business Engineering at ESCE?

At ESCE, the Grande École program offers students several advantages:

  • personalization of the course;
  • The entire curriculum is taught in English;
  • the possibility of studying abroad with one of our 190 partners, in order to have a double competence in international business and in one of the proposed specializations;
  • the development of a professional project, by being accompanied in the setting up of a project.

Also, at ESCE, we offer the following courses to obtain a master’s degree in business engineering:

  • account management ;
  • negotiating complex sales;
  • business development ;
  • customer loyalty;
  • Sales team management;
  • design hacking;
  • public speaking.

What are the skills developed by the ESCE Master in Business Engineering?

Depending on the sector of activity in which the business engineer operates, he or she must have more or less technical skills. Thus, he may have to specialize in a particular sector. In addition to the commercial tasks, his missions are focused on the analysis, the study and the follow-up of a business project, to ensure the commercial development of the company. In practice, the following skills are developed by the ESCE Master in Business Engineering:

  • the definition and implementation of a commercial strategy. Thus, the business engineer must be able to analyze and translate the customer’s needs, to have a perfect knowledge of his sector of activity in order to show versatility in his commercial exchanges;
  • the elaboration and management of calls for tenders. To do this, the business engineer has legal knowledge associated with public procurement and knows the regulations inherent to his sector of activity;
  • prospecting and development of new international markets. The business engineer seeks to sell the company’s products and services and sell himself to potential customers. As such, it initiates commercial approaches upstream of the customer project. In addition, he chooses which clients to prioritize, eliminates unprofitable accounts and retains those that are more profitable for the client portfolio;
  • management and animation of the commercial relationship. The business engineer mobilizes his or her team of business stakeholders to inform them about the importance of the business and the strategies to be adopted to achieve the objectives. As a perfect leader, he convinces his team and enjoys their support throughout the project.

What are the main opportunities for the Master in Business Engineering at ESCE?

A business engineer is fully responsible for and monitors projects on behalf of his or her company and client portfolio. He handles all aspects of the project, from quotation to invoicing, from analysis of the client’s needs to the development of an appropriate offer. When the contract is signed with a client, he ensures the proper execution of the project, from a budgetary, technical and regulatory standpoint.

After completing a Master’s degree in Business Engineering at ESCE, students can apply for many positions of responsibility in the commercial field. These are:

  • business engineer ;
  • business manager;
  • key account manager ;
  • technical sales engineer ;
  • export commercial.

What training do you need to have done to be able to enter the Master in Business Engineering at ESCE

ESCE’s Master’s degree in Business Engineering is open to students who have already received commercial or managerial training, and who have a scientific or technical background. It is intended for French and international students. You must have a Bac + 3 as an admission level.

Updated 21 April 2023