What is a level 6 RNCP title?

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Upon graduation from universities or colleges, students can obtain various certified degrees. These differ according to the number of years of study, the training courses followed or the purpose of the diplomas in question. In order to classify them more easily, these diplomas are grouped into different levels of RNCP certification. In level 6 of the RNCP certifications are the diplomas of level bac+3 and bac+4.

In summary:

  • The RNCP is a directory that lists all state diplomas and certified titles, recognized by the state;
  • The State diploma validates a level of study while the RNCP title validates professional experience;
  • A level 6 RNCP certification is equivalent to a diploma at bac+3 or bac+4 level;
  • The RNCP level 6 training courses prepare for different professions in several sectors of activity;
  • With a level 6 RNCP title, it is possible to continue your studies;
  • ESCE welcomes holders of RNCP level 6 qualifications and offers RNCP level 6 training.

What is the function of the RNCP?

As its name indicates, the National Directory of Professional Certifications is a collection of certifications. More precisely, it is a directory that lists all the certifications recognized by the State and its social partners. These certifications can be diplomas, certificates or various titles.

The different certifications registered in the RNCP are mainly classified according to the level of study to which they correspond. There are then eight levels of certification ranging from level 1 to level 8 according to the new classification in effect.

What are the differences between a state diploma and a level 6 RNCP title?

A state diploma is a certification that validates academic achievements. In other words, the state diploma validates the level of study of its holder. On the other hand, an RNCP title validates professional experience, i.e., the skills and knowledge required to practice a profession.

In addition to the difference in the purpose of the two certifications, they also differ in terms of the occupations targeted. While state diplomas prepare students for generalist jobs, RNCP titles prepare students for specific functions .

In addition, if the State diplomas are registered by right in the RNCP, the registration of titles is done on request. Each title that has been the subject of an application for registration on the RNCP is analyzed by a commission authorized to grant certification.

However, while there are differences between state diplomas and RNCP titles, these certifications also share certain commonalities. All these certifications are, for example, registered in the RNCP and are therefore recognized by the State and its social partners.

What is a level 6 RNCP title or certification?

The particularity of level 6 of RNCP is that it is the level that groups together the largest number of certifications. This level of RNCP certification includes diplomas at the bac+3 and bac+4 levels.

This levelincludes bachelor’s degrees, BachelorsDEES, DNTS , BBA or various Masters 1. Level 6 of the RNCP also includes certifications specific to certain professional sectors. This is notably the case for the Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Musicien or the Diplôme National d’Art.

What job can I do with a level 6 RNCP title?

The RNCP titles prepare for specific functions . Most of the RNCP level 6 qualifications prepare students for positions of responsibility.

The occupations that can be practiced with this certification depend on the specialization or the training followed. In addition, the RNCP level 6 certifications concern many sectors of activity. These include law, international business, art, sports, tourism and science.

After completing a level 6 RNCP course atESCE, graduates can consider various international careers. In particular, they have the opportunity to work as international managers, international business managers, financial managers or import-export managers.

Is it possible to continue my studies after having obtained a level 6 RNCP title?

Whatever the level of the RNCP title, this certification gives their holders the possibility to continue their studies. In other words, holders of a level 6 RNCP title can pursue other studies.

As a reminder, the RNCP level 6 title is equivalent to a diploma of bac+3 or bac+4. Depending on the certification, it is therefore possible to integrate training at the level of bac+4 or bac+5. On the condition that each of the courses is validated, they can be higher levels .

At ESCE International Business School, there are several courses available to holders of a level 6 RNCP title. These include the Grande Ecole program from the fourth or fifth year and the MSc program.

What type of establishment offers level 6 RNCP training?

The RNCP level 6 training courses are offered by many educational and training establishments. This is particularly true of universities, but also of business schools. ESCE International Business School is one of the international business schools that offer level 6 RNCP training. The school offers students a program that allows them to obtain a level 6 RNCP title. This is the International Bachelor program.

Updated 21 April 2023