Where to study luxury marketing?

De nombreuses formations vous permettent d'étudier le marketing du luxe et de découvrir des métiers passionnants
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Where can I study luxury marketing?

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There are several ways to train in luxury marketing, depending on your ambitions and your study path. Each of the fields offers different ways to become professional and to train. Here is a brief overview of the different possible paths:

Training in business school

Studying luxury marketing in a business school has several advantages. Accessible immediately after the Baccalaureate, or later on in a specialized cycle, the education provided is characterized by a panel of generalist disciplines, coupled with more specific subjects. The goal is to teach the student the fundamentals of the subject, in a progressive way, while incorporating more oriented and precise disciplines. All business schools offer internship or work-study periods. The interest is to assimilate what you have learned in a concrete context, in direct link with the reality of the environment. The wide range of disciplines allows students to keep a gateway to other orientations if the one in Luxury Marketing does not suit them. Most institutions also offer stays abroad to begin an international professional experience.

Specialized schools

There are several schools specializing in luxury that offer to acquire a real expertise. Depending on the institution, you will find different training and teaching orientations. Whether they are focused on marketing, cosmetics sales, or any other subject related to the field of luxury, everyone can have access to complete and oriented courses. With a large network of partner companies and market leaders, the experience is completed by formative and professionalizing internships, directly integrating the student into his future network.

As far as the registration fees are concerned, you should count on about the same investments as for a business school. The price is relative to each establishment and services, but it is necessary to count on average between 5 000 and 10 000 euros the year. Grants and scholarships are available for many students who would not be able to finance their studies.

The University

More accessible financially than the above-mentioned institutions (fees can be estimated at between 200 and 400 euros per year), the universities benefit from various partnerships with leading companies or international universities. The original curricula, accessible after the baccalaureate, make the University an interesting alternative for training in certain luxury professions, although there are fewer options than in specialized schools.


why study luxury marketing?

A rapidly expanding sector

The advent of digital technology has fostered a major transformation in the world of luxury. Thus, old sectors have been totally transformed, while others have emerged with the digital era. Luxury is a constantly expanding field and closely follows technological developments. This aspect has allowed the field to be enriched by a large number of fields. The ebullience of the luxury world makes it a sector of the future, where the unemployment rate seems relatively low compared to other fields.

A discipline based on exchange

It is a sector that offers the opportunity to express one’s analytical skills, as close as possible to human behavior in order to develop relevant communication strategies. For those who appreciate exchange and transmission, luxury marketing is an interesting challenge that allows them to exercise their communication skills. In addition, teamwork is one of the keys to success in this sector.

Finally, the marketing field is a sector that offers the possibility to express creativity and audacity. It is a field that is open to proposals and innovative ideas. Luxury marketing is indeed an open door to originality and creation.

In summary, why study luxury marketing?

  • to ensure that you are involved in a sector of the future
  • to have varied and never routine objectives
  • to work in a creative and daring sector

What are the opportunities in luxury marketing?

A great disparity between specialties

Luxury is a fast growing sector. For several years, it has enjoyed exponential growth, making it the leading sector in terms of employment. However, it is important to be informed about the current state of the luxury field in which you wish to specialize. The transformation of the sector is so strong that certain specializations may appear to be less successful than others, depending on the period. One example is the fashion or home decor field, which was much more distressed in 2017 than the hotel or cosmetics sector. It is a perpetual movement that it is good to study and take into account if you want to make a career in luxury.


Multiple jobs that fit your profile

Depending on your background and experience in the field, you will have varying opportunities. An international experience will open more doors for you during your job interview. Your knowledge of the network will also be an important asset in getting you a place of choice.

The opportunities in luxury marketing are numerous and cover many positions. Depending on your approach (traditional or digital), you will have the opportunity to aim for jobs with rich and varied missions. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • luxury product manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • luxury brand manager
  • research manager in the luxury industry
  • e-merchandising
  • responsible for referencing
  • luxury digital project manager

Does ESCE offer courses in luxury marketing?

The ESCE school is a reference in the training of luxury professions. There are several adapted courses, depending on the projects of each person.

The international Bachelor ESCE

TheESCE International Bachelor’s degree is open to students who wish to work in the luxury industry. It offers a specialization in International luxury management. The program offers the major disciplines of marketing, but also teaches courses related to customer service, retail and digital strategies. The teaching is carried out in French as well as in English, in order to offer the student the possibility of opening up to the international scene.

During his or her studies, he or she will have the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge about the trends in the luxury sector. He will be able to develop an adapted methodology, combined with innovative techniques. Finally, the relationship with the customer as well as the coordination between the brand and its visibility will be at the heart of the program.

  • The first year allows the student to become familiar with different concepts of international trade and business and to complete a mandatory internship of at least 3 months in France or abroad.
  • The second year opens the subject to the concept of multiculturality and international relations. The student then has the option of spending a semester in London or Barcelona, or a full year abroad (the first semester in London and the second in Barcelona). An optional internship can also be completed in France or abroad.
  • Finally, the last year is a validation year. The goal is to make the student definitively competent in his or her field of specialization. In order to integrate and prepare him for his future entry into the market, two options are available to the student: he can choose to complete a six-month internship in France or abroad in the second semester, or take a two-month training course in San Francisco and complete a three-month internship in a company. In the third year, students can choose between several specializations in order to definitively orient their studies towards a specific field.

The ESCE Grande Ecole program: specialization, communication, luxury, prestige and marketing

This Grande Ecole program, which students can join in the 1st, 3rd or 4th year, prepares students for careers in luxury goods, fashion and communication. In the 4th and 5th years, the Communication, Luxury and Prestige Marketing specialization offers an in-depth look at the history of luxury houses and a decoding of their codes. Historical and sociological education is combined with several innovative disciplines:

  • luxury brand management
  • universe of luxury
  • luxury retail trends
  • brand image and digital communication
  • professional profiles in communication

In order to confront students with concrete and formative situations, ESCE offers a unique opportunity to spend a semester in a high place of luxury and fashion, Baruch College in New York. Thus, at the end of his training, the student will be able to develop formidable marketing strategies, meeting the new expectations of the major prestige houses.

The ESCE Grande Ecole program: Specialization, communication, luxury and prestige marketing.


Updated 19 April 2023