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Why go to an international business school specializing in luxury marketing?

There are many ways to carry out a project oriented towards the high-end. Training in an international business school can be the surest way to launch a promising career. It also provides the right tools for a cutting-edge field such as luxury marketing.

Luxury, a sector that does not experience the crisis

First of all, working in the luxury sector is to be anchored in a buoyant field, which only perpetuates its foundations. The sector has constantly changed over the years. Particularly dynamic since the Covid crisis, and driven by the digitization of the sector, luxury has seen its employability expand dramatically. The target audience has continued to expand to the general public, encouraging the emergence of new digital-related jobs. Jewelry, gastronomy or haute couture… the luxury boom continues to generate training and jobs. There is a constant need for new profiles, especially on an international scale.

Marketing, a choice for the future

Faced with a sector in full revival, marketing therefore appears to be a central element in its transformation. Deeply rooted in the modern era, luxury marketing has its own codes and plays a major role in the democratization of the sector. This is the reason why this field benefits from a real craze, requiring an adequate training, surrounded by the best actors of the sector. With particularly interesting job opportunities and high employability, attending an international business school specialized in the field of luxury appears today as a relevant and ambitious choice of orientation.

What are the luxury marketing courses offered by the ESCE international business school?

In order to prepare effectively for a profession that requires in-depth knowledge of luxury marketing, both technically and historically, it is important to follow a course of study with an appropriate pedagogy. ESCE offers a specialized course in luxury marketing.

Specialization in communication, luxury and prestige marketing

This course is intended for all luxury enthusiasts with a 3-year degree who wish to work in luxury communication and marketing. It is taught exclusively in English to help students develop their international profile. A large part of the theoretical teaching is based on the history and codes of the great houses.

The aim here is to prepare candidates to know the fundamentals of the sector, which are essential for a better understanding of the function. This cultural foundation, combined with a concrete situation, prepares students to master marketing techniques within the luxury sector. The courses are varied and complementary. There are disciplines adapted to the needs of the time:

  • universe of luxury
  • luxury brand management
  • luxury retail trends
  • brand image and digital communication
  • professional profiles in communication

Thus, students following this course will have the necessary tools to approach luxury under a historical and sociological prism. They can then develop innovative marketing strategies, borrowing from tradition and modernism. The promotional techniques taught are adapted to traditional media as well as to new communication platforms. Finally, the possibility of spending a semester at Baruch University in New York, a reference point for luxury and digital marketing, is a major asset in this program.

International Bachelor – Luxury marketing

In order to complete the need for knowledge in this field,ESCE has developed an International luxury specialization within its International bachelor program. This specialization allows the student to enrich his or her level of knowledge through a concrete and diversified pedagogy. In addition, the training program emphasizes group projects and work placements.

Thus, the organization of the curriculum is established as follows:

  • 1st year – assimilate the fundamental principles as well as the different management tools. A 3-month internship in France or abroad punctuates this essential year.
  • 2nd year – Master the different concepts related to multiculturalism and international relations. The student may take a semester of courses in London or Barcelona. He will also be able to spend a full year abroad, first in London during the first semester, then in Barcelona during the second semester. They can also complete a 3-month internship if they wish.
  • 3rd year – Becoming effective in one’s field of preference. It is thus necessary to choose a specialization among these disciplines:
  • International luxury
  • Corporate finance
  • Marketing and business development
  • Management of organizations
  • international business

What professions does an international business school specializing in luxury marketing prepare you for?

Studying at an international business school specializing in luxury marketing offers a wide range of opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • Communication officer

Like an orchestra conductor, the communication manager coordinates the company’s communication policy in order to spread a positive image to a specific target. Its field of action is very wide and can affect internal communication, with employees, as well as digital or institutional communication. His role is truly versatile. Following an axis decided by his company, he is at the initiative of the conception, the writing and the diffusion of the communication supports. He also organizes promotional events and will, once again, manage their design from A to Z. He may even be responsible for managing the layout and imagery of a communication strategy. Thus, the use of computer graphics software can be essential to the success of all its missions. Creative and flexible, the communication manager has an exciting multi-tasking position, where exchange is central.

  • Project Manager

The project manager position is a job with multiple responsibilities. Its purpose is to control all the stages of manufacturing of a product, from its conception to its finalization. Thus, from the very beginning of a project, its mission is to draw up a complete set of specifications, taking into account the allocated budget and the technical and legal aspects necessary for marketing. It will then be validated by the client before the project starts.

As an intermediary, he must constantly maintain the link between his teams and business partners. He must also organize conferences in order to harmonize the tasks to be carried out by the members of his team. He or she must also ensure that market research is carried out, establish a solid marketing plan and finally present the finished product to the client. Thus, the position allows for a wide range of roles. It allows you to intervene in both the commercial and marketing fields.

  • digital marketing manager

Directly attached to the marketing department of a company, he/she supervises digital projects while respecting the values and image of a brand. Its varied missions depend on the company’s sector of activity. In addition to defining a digital action plan, it highlights the objectives to be reached in order to position the company on a market and to develop its base there. In order to apply a multisectoral marketing strategy, he analyzes in depth the buying behaviors and the relationship between the customer and the brand. It can then propose optimized solutions.

How to enroll in a luxury training program at ESCE, an international business school specialized in luxury marketing?

If you want to take the plunge and enroll in an ESCE luxury course, nothing could be easier. To register for a Bachelor’s degree, you must complete an application file on before obtaining an appointment for an individual orientation interview. The purpose of this exchange is to study your educational background and determine the direction you wish to take. You will be able to fully express your motivations for completing this course.

To enroll in the Grande école program, it is possible to apply for the Luxury specialization via the Ambitions+ competition.


Updated 19 April 2023